• Paying your mortgage fees by credit or debit card

    Thank you for choosing The Nottingham as your mortgage provider. To fast-track your application, you can pay your mortgage fees online using the Royal Bank of Scotland's Worldpay service.

    • Make sure you have your credit/debit card details and your 10-digit mortgage application number to hand
      • You can find this on your KFI or declaration form, and starts 330 (see example below)
    • This service is for paying mortgage fees payable on application only, not mortgage fees added to your loan or for any future mortgage payments
      • You will find the amount of fees payable on application detailed in your KFI under Section 8 'What fees must you pay' (see example below)
  • intermediaries payments

  • Online fees payment

    • For any problems or for help and advice on finding the right information, please contact your mortgage adviser
    • Please check the information carefully before you proceed
    • If any details are incorrect your application may be delayed.
    • Once you're happy with the information, click on the 'Make Payment' button and you’ll be transferred to the RBS Worldpay service


    • If you're making more than one mortgage application, you'll need to pay the fees on each application separately
    • Once we've received your payment we'll be able to progress your mortgage application

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