Coronavirus: Thank you for helping keep us all safe. Let’s keep it going

I wanted to share a short update this week with another message of ongoing thanks to you for continuing to follow official guidance and only using our branches for essential access to funds, payments and deposits. It is hugely appreciated and should mean that we can continue to keep our branches open for those who need it most, which as the Government announced yesterday will see us remain in lockdown for at least another three weeks.

Another matter that I need to share some information with you is regarding our Annual General Meeting, normally a key event in our calendar that we have needed to make some changes to in light of the current situation. In addition to social distancing and asking people to only leave the house for essential purposes, the Government’s ban on public meetings of more than two people means we are unable to hold the AGM this year as we usually would. In order to adhere to guidance and protect our colleagues, as well as you, our members, we will be making some changes to the way we run the event next Tuesday, which we have a statutory obligation to conduct.

Although we will still hold the AGM, it will be live-streamed to members, rather than held as a public meeting. I therefore ask that you please don’t attempt to attend the meeting and instead stay at home and stay safe. In accordance with our legal requirements, the minimum number of members will be present in the form of colleagues of The Nottingham. As key workers providing essential services, our team are authorised to do this and we will be following social distancing guidelines throughout for the safety of those attending.

Although you are not able to attend in person, we would still encourage you to participate, which you can do in the following ways: 

  • Vote
    All votes received by midnight on Saturday 18 April 2020 will be counted and recorded as normal and the number of votes received for all resolutions will be published as usual on our website following the AGM. 
  • Ask a Question
    If you have a question you were hoping to ask in person at the AGM – instead visit our dedicated AGM page to find out how to send us a question via email which will then be answered as part of the meeting and in our communications following the meeting 
  • Watch it online
    You can access the live stream by visiting and logging in using your voting credentials provided in the AGM pack you have already received. The live-stream will not be visible until Tuesday 21 April at 6.30pm

As a mutual organisation we are owned by you, our members, so your vote and participation in our AGM really does matter. I hope that you agree that these exceptional changes we are making to how we conduct our AGM this year are the right thing to do for the safety of all our members and colleagues.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

David Marlow
Chief Executive Officer