An important message from our CEO

As the CEO of Nottingham Building Society I wanted to give you some guidance and reassurance as the UK and the rest of the world faces into and navigates through, some unprecedented challenges. 

Whilst we can’t predict what may happen next, we are absolutely assured of our core capability and ability to respond to events, whatever they are, as they unfold.

To help you with the key information you need and updates on the situation; we have created a section on our website as our primary channel of communication. This can be found at

On this page, savers and borrowers will find the latest information on how they can continue to access their money and manage their mortgage, particularly if they are concerned about making payments over the coming weeks or months.

The investment we have put into the society over the past few years means we have the capability both in our systems and our great team to respond and react to challenges such as these and continue to serve you with your key requirements.

It is likely that in the coming weeks some branches may not be able to open. When that is the case our web page will guide you how to still gain access to any money you require. Our online customers will be able to continue as normal and we will do everything we can to have team members available to discuss any emerging issues with making mortgage payments members may have. The Government have announced one measure to do this but we have other options available to provide you with the appropriate support.

We encourage you to continue to follow Government guidance and assure you that we will be here for you in one format or another.

Our teams are responding brilliantly dealing with new challenges with respect and compassion and I know that you will return that to our team members in equal measure.

Our financial strength and heritage built up over 170 years means we have the ability and confidence to support you in the right way to navigate uncertain times. Our mutual ethos and member focus has never been more important and should give you every confidence that we are here for you now and in the future.

Thank you.

David Marlow
Chief Executive Officer

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