Funeral planning

More people over 50 are planning for their funeral in advance than ever before. And the sooner you do start planning, the more you could save in the long run, helping gain peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Why a funeral plan could be a smart financial decision

Planning for your funeral in advance is not as hard as you may think and taking the time now could reduce the amount you and your loved ones have to pay as the cost is fixed at today's prices.

A funeral plan is a simple way to organise and pay for your funeral now. You can document your final wishes, choose the best plan for you and your family, and then relax, knowing everything is sorted.

How to stop your funeral costs from rising

The average cost of a funeral has increased from £2,971 in 2011 to £4,163*. If funeral costs continue to rise at the current rate of 3.82% by 2029 they'll reach £5,833.

When you buy a Prepaid Funeral Plan from The Nottingham, provided by our partner Dignity, you're effectively freezing the cost of the services included in your chosen plan at today's prices. So, no matter how far into the future your funeral takes place, or however much funeral costs may rise, once paid there will be nothing further to pay for the services in the plan.

Not only are the costs of the services covered by your plan fixed, but you can also document your wishes, so your loved ones are spared the additional pressures of trying to arrange what they think is the perfect send off for you. You can document as much or as little as you want, from hymns and readings to flowers, and change your mind at any time for no additional cost^.

Get in touch with your local branch today to see how much a plan could cost you today.

Why choose a Prepaid Funeral Plan from Dignity?

The Nottingham has partnered with Dignity, one of the UK's leading providers of funeral plans, because of their professional and trusted reputation in providing funeral services.

In 1985, Dignity launched the first funeral plan in the UK. Since then, they have helped over one million†† pre-plan their funeral in advance. This experience really has given them a unique understanding of customers’ needs and has enabled them to create one of the most financially secure funeral plans available in the UK today. 

  • Dignity has a nationwide network of hundreds of owned and approved funeral directors throughout the UK, many of whom have been serving their local communities for generations 
  • With Dignity your money is in safe hands. The money you pay for your plan is paid into the National Funeral Trust – an independent Trust Fund
  • Dignity's Funeral Directors provide excellent service. In their latest customer survey, 98.9%†† of families surveyed said that Dignity met or exceeded their expectations.

A Prepaid Funeral Plan brings: 

  • Peace of mind that once paid for there will be nothing further to pay for the services included in the plan
  • Reassurance that these funeral costs are fixed at today's prices
  • Confidence that your personal wishes have been incorporated
  • Comfort that your arrangements will be in the hands of an experienced and trusted Funeral Director.

What will a Prepaid Funeral Plan provide?

The Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan will provide the guaranteed services included in the plan through a Dignity Nominated Funeral Director when the time comes.

Provided that the plan is paid for in full, there will be nothing further to pay for the guaranteed services covered by the plan.

All plans guarantee to cover the following services:

  • Funeral Director services
  • Advice and guidance on all aspects of the funeral including the registration of the death and collation of all necessary paperwork for the funeral to proceed
  • Transport of the deceased to the Nominated Funeral Director’s premises within 50 miles
  • Preparation and care of the body
  • The coffin provided within the selected plan
  • Funeral Director and staff to attend service
  • Provision of a hearse
  • Free telephone bereavement advice and support.

Third party cremation costs

  • The cremation fee
  • Fee for a minister or an officiant equal to the amount paid for a standard funeral service at the crematorium or cemetery as listed in the Church of England Table of Parochial Fees.

Dependent on the plan chosen, the following are also guaranteed:

  • Family viewing by appointment
  • Limousines to transport the mourners
  • Transport to place of worship prior to cremation or burial
  • ‘Thank you’ cards.

If burial is chosen, the plan will include a contribution of £1,220 towards third party burial costs in place of the guaranteed third party cremation costs listed above. We will increase the value of the £1,220 contribution each year in line with the Retail Prices Index (RPI) inflation to help it keep pace with rising costs.

The money that you pay for your plan is paid directly into the National Funeral Trust. The National Funeral Trust is completely separate and legally independent from Dignity.

  • The Trust is run by Managing Trustees, the majority of whom are independent of Dignity
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers conduct an annual actuarial valuation of the Trust Fund, which determines if there is enough money in the Trust Fund for Dignity to meet its liabilities and promises to planholders
  • The appointed auditors conduct annual audits of the Trust’s accounts
  • The Trust adheres to the rules of the Funeral Planning Authority, who receive copies of the Trust’s accounts and valuations and other information it requests.

Speak to an adviser at your local branch today for more information on the Prepaid Funeral Plan.

* Matter Communications independent research from 2011 - 2020 on mystery price shopping with 254 funeral directors across 122 UK locations. These locations are stratified across the UK to represent the proportion of funeral directors overall per region and cover a range of providers.
 2029: Forecast based on average annual compounded growth rate of 3.82% each year between 2011 and 2020.
†† Dignity plc Report and Accounts 2020. Based on approximately 160,000 customer survey responses completed in the last five years.
The costs of the services in your chosen plan are fixed but some special requests may incur additional costs if these services are added, such as flowers or an organist.

Plus £120 cashback for qualifying members

When you buy a Prepaid Funeral Plan from The Nottingham, provided by our partner Dignity, we’ll help you plan and pay for the services in your funeral plan at today’s prices. You will have the comfort of knowing your wishes are documented so loved ones won’t have to guess what sort of send off you wanted.

When qualifying members^^ purchase a plan not only can you achieve peace of mind but you also get £120 cashback. This is one of many exclusive rewards our members can benefit from.

^^ To qualify you must have a savings balance of at least £500 and have either held one of our savings accounts for at least 12 months or currently have a Nottingham Building Society mortgage. Find out more here.

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