After your death, your executors (which could be a family member, friend or relative) will have to look after your estate and financial affairs.  This could include things like closing down your bank account, settling bills and debts or filing Inland Revenue or land registry forms. If a Will has been left, the probate involves checking that it is legally valid and confirms who the executor is. In the absence of a Will, this can be complicated.

How we can help with Probate

Should you require help with probate we can:
  • Provide clear and straightforward advice on applying 
  • Offer a no obligation home visit to assess probate, legal and tax needs
  • Agree in advance a fully inclusive fixed fee for managing the process for you
Call or visit your nearest branch to arrange a meeting with an adviser.  You will receive a no-obligation assessment and quote. Our consultant will be happy to discuss all options with you and allow you to make an informed decision.

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If you have a savings balance of at least £500, and have either held one of our savings accounts for at least the last 12 months or currently have a Nottingham Building Society mortgage, you can benefit from a range of offers including £40 off the cost of a Will. Talk to our advisers today. T&Cs apply.

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