Hope Nottingham receives £5k grant

Hope Nottingham received £5,000 from the Nottingham Building Society to support the development of Hope Employment Pathway. Since 2010, the organization has been bringing together churches of different denominations to combat the challenges facing Nottingham’s homeless, with food banks, links to doctors, social gatherings and crucially, opportunities to build skills for employment.

Hope Employment Pathway provides voluntary work experience particularly aimed at those hardest to reach who might be considered unemployable. "We currently have 10 local individuals receiving experience and training through the scheme" says Hope’s director Nigel Adams, "This is increasing their confidence and ability to work well with others. Not only is this preparing people for work but it is giving very useful occupations to some people who need positive distraction whilst coming off drink or drugs."

The programme includes a wide variety of training opportunities such as driving, furniture collection & delivery, cleaning, building maintenance, catering, stock control, administration and computer maintenance. Participants receive structured supervision including both group and personal mentoring, designed to develop basic social and life skills necessary to sustain employment, such as ;time management, punctuality, cleanliness, conflict resolution and social skills. The personal mentoring is individually tailored to overcome more complex, idiosyncratic barriers to progression and employment. Hope also offers support with job searching, including direct links to potential employers through their networking with local businesses.

Through the scheme, Hope have placed one young man onto a 12 week Prince’s trust programme, whilst another participant has successfully entered employment. They are training more volunteers to supervise and mentor participants, facilitating an increase in people using the programme from the growing class of jobless and purpose-hungry rough-sleepers.

Nigel plans to expand the scheme to include more IT training and food education. NBS funding has allowed Hope to develop a community allotment scheme as part of the employment training programme. The large, unused allotment will provide yet another type of work development for Hope Employment Pathway participants.


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