New Customers

Some Buy to Let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


Existing Nottingham Mortgage Customers

Switching deals

If your existing Nottingham Building Society mortgage deal is coming to an end, our advisers will help you move onto your next mortgage.

Moving home

If you're thinking about moving house, talk to our adviser to find out how we can transfer your current mortgage to your new property.

Further borrowing

If you have a Nottingham Building Society mortgage and want to borrow more, a Further Advance is available to existing customers.

Payment difficulties

If you're struggling with your mortgage repayments, talk to us about how we can support you and what you can do to help yourself. 

Fees and charges

At The Nottingham, we want you to be aware of the circumstances in which you may incur a fee for the administration of your mortgage.

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Buying, selling and letting

As one of the largest regional estate agents in the East Midlands, with over 25 years’ experience and local knowledge, our dedicated advisers can make buying, selling and letting a home easier than ever. Save £500 off your estate agency fees.


Get rewarded for saving

If you've saved with us for more than a year and have a balance of at least £500 you can benefit from a range of offers.

Mortgage calculator

Our calculator will help you quickly work out how much your monthly payments could be.


More than a million savers open a Help to Buy: ISA

One million people have opened a Help to Buy: ISA to help them onto the housing ladder when they buy their first home. What’s in it for you?


12 things that could scupper your credit score

If you’re looking for a mortgage, want to pay for something in instalments or get a new credit card, the lender will want to be sure they can trust you to pay them back. Here are the main factors which can make lenders think twice about your application.

Generic News Story

Is buy to let right for you?

The idea of buying to let can bring out the Rumpelstiltskin in us.

It sounds like an opportunity to spin gold out of straw: get a house, move a tenant in, let their rent pay the mortgage, give them a decent place to live, and pocket a tidy profit.


Getting a mortgage at over 50 shouldn’t be a problem

Never have we been further away from a pipe, slippers and getting intimately reacquainted with Heartbeat on ITV 4. Statistics say we're living longer, retiring later and remaining wonderfully productive well into older age - just as the doctor and, indeed, the government ordered.

5 tips

5 tips to make the mortgage application process simpler

Found your dream home? We'll help you through the new mortgage application process.