The home buying
process made simple

6 steps to buying your new home

This home buyers’ guide from mortgage specialists Nottingham Building Society tells you everything you need to know about the steps to buying a house - from first viewing to getting your new front door key.

Step 1

Do your research

Before you head off house hunting, it’s important to begin with the basics...

Is buying really right for you?

How much can you really afford?

How much deposit will you need?

Step 2

Getting the right mortgage

Finding the right mortgage is as important as finding the right property. A good mortgage deal might even mean you can afford more than you think.

What type of mortgage is right for you?

Finding the right deal

Understand the new mortgage rules

Step 3

House hunting

Now you’ve got a handle on your finances, the home hunting fun can begin! Follow our tips to help you find out as much as possible and make the right offer.

10 questions to ask when viewing

Location, location, location

Do your research

Step 4

Selling your home

The prospect of selling your home is daunting enough - even more so if you’re looking to buy a property at the same time. The decisions you make as you juggle the two could save you – or cost you - many thousands of pounds.

Our guide to selling your home

How to get the best price for your home

Preparing your house for viewings

Step 5

Solicitors and surveys

Now it gets serious! With so much at stake choosing a good solicitor and an appropriate survey might be the best money you spend.

The conveyancing process

Arranging a survey

What happens at ‘exchange’?

Step 6

Time to move in!

Your ‘completion day’ is the day the money’s transferred from your mortgage provider to the seller. Your solicitor will organise this for you – then all you have to do is collect the keys.

Preparing for your move - tips from the experts

What happens on completion?

6 tips to make moving day less stressful

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