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Tell us when your mortgage is up for renewal to see if Nottingham Mortgage Services could save you £1,000. They'll contact you 3-6 months before your deal ends and will look through thousands of mortgages from over 60 different lenders to see how much you could save.

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Is buying right for me?

There's often a great sense of pride and achievement in owning your own home. And, of course, there’s the added advantage that it will hopefully provide some financial security at a later date. But is buying a house the best option for you?

The decision to get on the property ladder is a big one for first-time buyers and many struggle to get a mortgage. But the important question isn't can I get a mortgage?, it's can I really afford it?

Make sure you have talked to an adviser to discuss your options and what your monthly payment will be. 

Should I buy or rent?


  • Owning your own home gives you independence and a real sense of freedom
  • You don't have to follow any rules laid out by a landlord
  • It's your house and you can decorate it as you wish – and any improvements you make to your home could potentially add value to your property
  • When your mortgage has been paid off, the property is yours
  • If house prices generally rise, the equity on your property has the potential to increase (but remember, like any investment, prices can also go down)


  • The average mortgage lender can ask for a deposit of up to 25% before giving you a mortgage. However, there are deals available for first-time buyers which only require a 5% deposit
  • It's not always guaranteed that house prices will go up and there is always a chance that you might go into negative equity, where you owe more than your house is worth
  • If you don’t keep up with your repayments, your home could be taken away from you
  • Your monthly outgoings may increase dramatically after you buy your house

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Nottingham Mortgage Services will take the stress away by managing the whole process to make sure your mortgage completes on time. 

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Talk to an expert mortgage adviser today

Nottingham Mortgage Services will take the stress away by managing the whole process to make sure your mortgage completes on time. 

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