What is LTV, and why does it affect your mortgage?

LTV, or Loan to Value, is the percentage of your mortgage loan compared with the surveyors’ valuation of the property. The lower the LTV, the lower the rate of interest. Read more.


Getting started with saving

Getting started with saving is easier than you think. There are many ways to organise your spending and save regularly – and lots of help available to make your savings work for you.


Remortgaging - finding a new deal

Although a mortgage is a long-term commitment – and probably your biggest single monthly outgoing – it often pays to switch products during the term of the loan, or when a deal with your lender ends and they offer a range of alternatives.

Get on top of your savings

Savings accounts essential guide

There’s a wide range of solutions to your savings requirements – and each is designed to meet the needs of the saver. So whether you’d like to make the most of tax-free interest, want to be a regular saver or even get your children off to a good start, here’s our at-a-glance low-down on different savings accounts.


Find out the projects that will receive one of our Grants for Good

Over £35,000 is to be awarded to 14 community projects as part of our Grants for Good scheme this


Buxton junior team scores with The Nottingham

Buxton Juniors Under-8s have netted a new kit sponsorship in the form of a £250 contribution from The Nottingham.


Have YOU protected your greatest asset?

The chances are you’ve already taken steps to protect your property, whether it’s your home and its contents or your mobile phone. Yet what about your greatest asset, YOU and your earning power.

Talking about money later in life

Take steps to (legally) avoid inheritance tax

There are several choices available to protect your money - the results of a lifetime of work. And while the Treasury still gets its share of your estate at the end of your life, you can cover this eventuality and make sure your family still fully benefit from what you leave behind.


Groby branch scores with £500 birthday gift

Our Groby branch showed giving is much better than receiving in presenting a £500 cheque to a local junior football team.


Dawn of the tread

Caring customer adviser Dawn Bradbury is literally putting steps in place to raise substantial funds for Cancer Research.

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