Sophie Roe and Donna Watson

Rose and Ted: Funeral plan peace of mind

Retired couple Rose and Ted Lyjak visited our Harpenden branch to check out savings interest rates and accounts after a family recommendation - and left with their funerals sorted!

Christmas Shoppig

How to save money for Christmas

Planning ahead now can give you a more affordable Christmas. Starting early, setting small and regular amounts aside and setting yourself a budget are all important when it comes to budgeting for Christmas time.

Christmas Baubles

Ten tips to make December pay last until January

Christmas makes December a long month when it comes to making your budget stretch. Here are some top tips to help your cash go that little bit further.

Energy Efficiency

Three ways to improve the energy efficiency of a property and the benefits

Having a more efficient property can make it easier to attract tenants as a landlord, it could save you money and you're helping the environment.


6 things to add to your property's home office

Adding a home office to your rental property could make it a very attractive proposition to potential tenants in 2019 as the number of people working remotely increases.

Rental Property

Five steps to add value to your rental property

Find out your rental yield and how to add value to your rental property.


Seven checks to get your home and garden sunshine-ready

Here are the best hacks and tips for freshening things up on the outside of your home and in your garden, all ready for the summer.

Sparkler for Fireworks Night

How to celebrate safely this Halloween and Bonfire Night

Autumn’s festivities are nearly upon us so it's the ideal time to remind yourself and your family about how to stay safe for Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Modern living room

How to maintain your rental property

Here are four steps to follow to ensure being or becoming a landlord is as straightforward as possible.

Taking notes with a pencil in a notebook

Why you need an independent inventory clerk as a landlord

Since the Tenant Fee Ban’s introduction Independent Inventory Clerks have become essential in the smooth running of managing properties as a landlord.

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