Will writing service to help protect you and your family

Do you have a Will? Surprisingly, it is not a yes or no answer.

All of us effectively have a Will, whether we realise it or not, says estate planning professional Peter Burton.

If you pass away without making a Will - and lots of us do - then the state will share out your money, property and possessions according to the laws of the land.

"It is a Will in all but name, written by the government, and it is called intestacy," says Peter of The Will Writing Company, a trusted partner of The Nottingham which offers customers expert advice on all aspects of estate planning.

"We always say we don’t write Wills, we rewrite them."

Relying on the government's rules to respect your last wishes is a risky business.

Lots of us don't make a Will because: 
a) it's not a particularly pleasant thing to think about; and 
b) we don't think we need to.

We assume everything we own will go to our partner when the worst happens. When that person passes away, we assume our estate will be divided up equally between our children.

That may not be the case.

Not making a Will can have unfortunate consequences. Here are just five:

  • There is no such thing as a "common law husband or wife". Unless you are married - or in a civil partnership - you do not automatically benefit from their estate.
  • Married couples and civil partners may not inherit everything from their spouse's estate.
  • If your widow remarries, their new partner becomes the heir to your estate as any previous Will is null and void - with his or her biological children standing next in line. Your children could effectively be left out in the financial cold.
  • A father whose name is not on his children's birth certificates (if they were born before 2003) does not become the automatic guardian in the event of their mother's death.
  • If you own property jointly with someone else it will automatically pass to them regardless of what your wishes might be.
  • All those nightmare scenarios, and many more, can be easily solved by putting suitable estate planning in place.

"The rules of intestacy are fine as far as they go, but they can't cover every eventuality. Every family structure is different. Statute Law can'’t cope with that," says Peter. "Our Estate Planning Consultants ask people what they want to achieve and help them put appropriate plans in place. We talk about protecting, preserving and passing on your legacy."

We have teamed up with The Will Writing Company, part of the Estate Planning Group, to offer our customers expert estate planning advice –everything from basic Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney to protecting your assets against various threats in later life - at your local branch or in the comfort of your own home.

To find out more about our Will writing service, call your nearest branch or call our customer service team on 0344 481 126 to book an appointment with a consultant. Generic News Story

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