Keep your garden a safe haven

You might spend all weekend pampering and pruning it. Or just use it as somewhere to kick a football with the kids.

You might laze around it in the summer. Or build snowmen in it in the winter.

You might prune your prize rose bush in bright March sunshine. Or dig it over in the middle of an October shower.

Gardens. If you’re lucky enough to have one, we bet you love it. But it’s worth taking a mo to make sure you look after it and the people that use it.

Protect your garden – and those who love it

Most burglars aren’t the bumbling kind with stripy shirts, panto masks and bags marked “Swag” you see on kid’s shows.

Unfortunately, they’re a lot more resourceful and cunning than that – which is a bit of a nuisance. But there are a few simple, straightforward things you can do to put them off and keep your patch of the outdoors a nice, safe haven…

  • Maintain hedges and fences. This prevents unwanted visitors from popping in.
  • Switch off lawn mowers and any other garden machinery when you’re not using them. And, if you can lock them away, or chain them together to a solid item in your garden.
  • Consider fitting motion activated security lights, especially if you’ve got a path at the side of your house.
  • Gravel is better than tarmac . It sounds like common sense but thieves prefer tarmac drives because they’re quieter.
  • Keep your garden gate shut and lock it from the inside.
  • Store bins and ladders carefully, otherwise they could be used to access items in high or awkward places.
  • Keep your tools and equipment secure. Not only can they be stolen – which is bad enough – but you certainly don’t want them to be used to break into your home.
  • Keep sheds and garages locked tight. And it might even be worth fitting shed alarms and security lights too.
  • Security mark valuable items. Take some snaps too. Record serial numbers as well as any identifying marks – it’ll help ID your items if they get lost or stolen.
  • Register any valuables on a property database
  • And of course, it never does any harm to take an occasional peek into your garden to make sure everything’s ok, even once you’ve locked up for the night.

Having nosey neighbours isn’t a bad thing…
No-one likes neighbours peering over the fence or peeking at you in the garden.

But there’s a definite line between being nosey and watching out for your neighbours – and hoping they’ll watch out for you. After all, when you’re not home they can be your eyes and ears, keeping an eye on your garden and letting you know when something iffy is going on.

Neighbourhood Watch is a great demonstration of this principle in action. Groups of volunteers who work with the police and the council, they’re full of hints and tips on security and safety and can help make sure vulnerable members of the community aren’t easy targets for burglars.

To find your local neighbourhood watch click here.

So, a few simple steps can mean the difference between a garden you can relax and enjoy, safely and securely, and a garden that might welcome our light fingered friends with open arms.

Make sure you look after your garden or else Daisy will be after you!. Then let it look after you! Jenga insurance safe

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