Don't over look the garage when selling your home

Storing the bikes and the BBQ or creating a cosy home for the pet guinea pigs – what do you use yours for?

In a property climate where every space counts, sellers are being urged not to overlook the garage when selling their home.

The house may be clutter free, freshly painted, sparkling clean and ready for potential buyers to walk in the door – but while most sellers will happily spruce up their home and even their garden ready for a sale - many forget about the garage.

And in many cases, this could provide extra space a buyer craves.

A survey into the use of garages shows that 55 per cent* of us don't use the garage for parking our car – but for storing household items or as a garden shed!

Head of estate agency at The Nottingham Nick Salmon said: "In this day and age, it is fair to say that the garage is used less and less for its intended purpose of storing a car.

"The modern family has a range of uses for the garage. While the car stays parked on the drive, the garage offers the chance to use that extra space as a play area, an additional domestic area for tumble dryer or chest freezer or just a secure place to store garden tools or cycles.

"An integral garage could provide future extra living space, as the family's requirements alter, subject to local planning regulations."

Nick added: "At some point, the prospective buyer will want to look in the garage, so don't be tempted to use it as a place to store unwanted items from the house! Show it off to its true potential - it's a valuable space."

Top tips to prepare your garage for sale:
  • De-clutter. This serves as a good exercise for getting rid of unwanted items before you move to a new house, and saves the expense and time of taking it with you.
  • Try to make your garage look bigger by moving everything off the floor and onto shelves or hooks.
  • Make sure that all flammable items, tools and chemicals are stored away and out of reach of children.
  • Dust everything - as you would another other room in your house - and remove things like spider webs.
  • Make sure floors are clean, removing any oil stains.
  • If possible, apply a new coat of paint - preferably a neutral, light colour to make the space look bigger.
  • Ensure the garage door is working properly - and that it looks as good as the rest of your house, giving it a fresh coat of paint if necessary.
  • If you don't already have one - install a smoke detector in your garage.

Top 10 items stored in British garages*

  • Lawnmowers
  • DIY tools
  • Bikes
  • Ladder
  • Golf clubs
  • Tent
  • BBQ
  • Garden equipment – soil, plants pots
  • Drink
  • Guinea pigs
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