First time buyer Anne Marie

My name is Anne-Marie Adams. I’m from Nottingham. I’m a full time employee so I’ve got a pretty busy life, with two kids as a single mum and I’m just about to buy my first house.

I think in my situation you need to make sure you’re getting the best deal really, you need to make sure that you’re getting the right mortgage for you. 

I wasn’t aware that the Nottingham covered all of the market in all honesty, but that was what I was looking for, somebody that could give me advice and options to compare against one other. So it was definitely a factor as to why I went to see Helen. And I was pleasantly surprised by the range of mortgage deals that were available to me.

It felt more than just another mortgage application. I felt like Helen was genuinely interested in me and what my situation was and getting the best deal. I’ve been saving hard for a deposit, which has been pretty difficult with two children.

Once I went to see Helen everything moved pretty quickly. She got me a mortgage offer in principle. We found a house. I put an offer in and it was accepted. It’s been brilliant.

I have already recommended The Nottingham. My experience has genuinely been amazing - so efficient, so quick. The advice has been there and the support as well as the reassurance when I’ve been panicking a little bit. And I would not hesitate to recommend the Nottingham to anybody who is buying a house or remortgageing their property.


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