Is your shed worth shouting about?

With one in 10 people claiming that they would happily get married in their sheds, and many others using it as space to ‘think’ – it is little wonder that the shed industry is worth a reported £5 billion to the British economy.

However, whether you are a hardened ‘sheddie’, like those vying for Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year title, or just own a standard shed to store gardening equipment and bikes – it is worth remembering to insure the contents.

Figures show that over 14 million people in the UK now own a shed, according to a survey by Cuprinol – and that the average shed contains over 475 worth of items.

Research also revealed:
  • Brits see their sheds as an extension of the home with many featuring the same luxuries, including electricity (35 per cent), heat (11 per cent) and lighting (40 per cent)
  • Seven per cent of sheds now have a TV, five per cent a sofa and two per cent even have a hot tub
  • 12 per cent of Brits feel at their happiest when they spend time in their shed and 21 per cent feel at their most creative
  • 23 per cent of men even claim that spending time in their shed makes them feel more masculine and 21 per cent of men spend time in their shed thinking about work issues
  • But, whatever you use it for, we advise sellers not to overlook the shed when putting their property on the market.

Head of Estate Agency Su Snaith says: “People have all kinds of weird and wonderful uses for their garden shed – but whatever that may be, it is worth remembering that a shed does have potential, and it is certainly worth showing it off at its best to prospective buyers.

“In addition to keeping your shed presentable and tidy, we would urge every shed owner to think about adequate security for the shed and its contents.

“We know that many people use the shed to house moveable items like cycles, lawn mowers, gardening tools and other items. Our advice would be to check on any existing home contents insurance for terms and conditions relating to contents in outbuildings and amend it if necessary.”

TLC tips for your shed:
  • Keep your shed in tiptop condition by coating it with hardwearing shed or fence stain
  • Instead of using it as a dumping ground, consider turning it into a mini recycling centre to sort out and process household waste by storing container to collect paper, glass and other recyclables.
  • Compartmentalise your shed if you use it on a daily basis and store tools and items neatly.
  • If you are lacking indoor space, consider turning your shed into an office or a playroom, with a little care and imagination.
  • If you are among the many who use your shed for storing moveable items, ensure it is locked when not in use.
  • The Nottingham Building Society (of which Harrison Murray is part) offers a range of home insurance options.
Shouting about

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