It's no secret that the rising cost of living has got most of us feeling the pinch right now but making some small changes can re-organise your spending and boost your savings. Here are some tips on small changes that could help you save big. 

Borrow don’t buy

Get yourself enrolled at your local library rather than picking up that paperback in your weekly shop. Most libraries now offer online search facilities so you can reserve or go on a waiting list to borrow that book you're desperate to read, and it shouldn’t cost you a penny, so long as you return it on time!

Give ‘no-spend’ a go

It might sound obvious but having a ‘no-spend’ day or even week can really boost your savings pot, but its trickier than you might think. Plan ahead to avoid those little spends like coffee or lunch on the go, you might surprise yourself when you find out how much you have saved, all those little spends soon add up. See how other others have approached 'no-spend-week' for some inspiration.

Get serious about subscriptions

Check through your account for any subscriptions. Do you use that gym membership or streaming service? Did you forget about the subscription charge after that 14 day free trial? Cancel any that you’re not making the most off, there are plenty of free apps and alternatives to the gym membership you don’t use, and the money might be better served in your savings pot.

Negotiate a deal

Have you been with your broadband provider forever and a day? If you aren’t signed up to a contract there are deals to be had for new customers when it comes to switching service providers for the likes of broadband, tv, and mobile phone contracts. Don’t fancy switching? Have a conversation with your existing providers to try and negotiate yourself a better deal, if they think they are at risk of loosing your custom they might be able to offer you a better price for the service they are providing you with

Travel for cheaper 

As we all start to get about a bit more weigh up your options when it comes to travel. If the cost of fuel is high right now maybe public transport will save you money by the time you have added the cost of parking on top. If you are traveling by train, you can save money on fares with railcards, there are also apps and websites to see if splitting the journey into smaller tickets will cost you less than a direct ticket. Travel season tickets might seem like the best option but really weigh up if you are going to get your money's worth. 

Count the cashback

If you are planning a big purchase check out cashback offers available with the various apps and websites. Even little everyday purchases with these cashback offers can add up, and with some offering the ability to link your debit card so you can earn without even thinking about it! Just be sure to make considered purchases, it’s not saving if you are spending money you wouldn’t have normally spent. 

These small alterations to your spending habits can help you make the most of your money, and even a small amount of extra change can help your savings build. Head into your local branch and ask the friendly team about our latest savings accounts that are available.


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