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Podcasts may have been around since 2004 but they're ever-growing and are a huge way that we all consume news, information and entertrainment. There's new podcasts popping up everyday so the listening possibilities are endless. And the best bit? They're available for free, on many apps and websites and can be played from anywhere, right in the palm of your hand. We’re here to recommend fifteen personal finance, educational, business and money-related podcasts that could inspire you to start saving, get you on track to your dream career, start your own business or help you know where to start when buying a house. 

1. The Money Pot
Of course, we had to start with our own podcast - The Money Pot. Join our hosts Sam and Ross as they speak to expert guests from our own business areas of savings and mortgages, our sponsorship partners such as Leicester Tigers and The Nottingham Panthers, our third party providers on topics such as financial planning and home insurance plus lifestyle and money bloggers to get their opinions on all things personal finance. Learn more about our products, services and how to get ahead with your finances. Our podcast, The Money Pot, is available to listen on top podcast platforms. We hope you enjoy it!


2. In Her Financial Shoes
Catherine Morgan, financial planner, personal finance blogger and previous guest writer for The Nottingham has her own podcast, aimed at women called In Her Financial Shoes. Catherine is an award-winning Qualified Financial Planner and Money Coach with 19 years experience. In her own words; “I help women to thrive financially” and her aim is to help women be more confident with their personal finance, learn practical money management tips and be in control of their own finances. Catherine talks about her own experiences, expertise and also has guests and experts to help her on her topics. 

Her podcast is currently on a third series and covers personal finance topics with episodes called ‘5 Ways to Make Better Financial Decisions’ and talks about topics such as beating financial overwhelm and dealing with your financial past. Catherine also covers a lot of topics related to having your own business and being self-employed. Listen to Catherine's podcast here

3. Talk Twenties
Gaby Mendes runs Talk Twenties, a platform designed to inspire, guide and inform twenty-somethings through life touching on important subjects that aren't on the usual school curriculum. Her podcast episodes feature topics from starting your own business to buying a house and even how to make new friends, Gaby has inspirational guests to help her navigate her listeners through their formative years. Talk Twenties was officially named Best Education Podcast at the Podcasting for Business Awards!

Gaby Mendes - Best Education Podcast

4. Pennies to Pounds
Kia Commodore created Pennies to Pounds Podcast and informative Instagram platform in 2019 to, in her own words, 'empower the youth by enabling them to shape their future with complete knowledge'. Kia is passionate about financial literacy and fears that young people are often left clueless about how to manage their money. Her aim is to dispel money myths and simplify financial jargon to help people work out their own financial predicaments. Covering topics with her guests from Cryptocurrency to car insurance, Kia talks about it all and is nearing 50 episodes at the time of writing this article. 

Kia also took part in our My No Spend Week series - check out her savvy saving here


5. Conversations of Inspiration
As founder of Notonthehighstreet and Holly & Co, Holly Tucker has spent the last 15 years growing and empowering small businesses around the UK. In her podcast Conversations of Inspiration, Holly hears from founders and top entrepreneurs each week to discover the highs and lows encountered whilst building their business, and share some advice and inspiration along the way. You can subscribe to Conversations of Inspiration on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favourite podcast provider.

6. Power Hour with Adrienne Herbert
The Power Hour Podcast with Adrienne Herbert is a motivational podcast all about improving yourself and your life to pursue your passion and to achieve success. Join host Adrienne Herbert as she speaks to today’s leading coaches, creatives, change makers and innovators; finding out about their morning routines, daily habits, and rules to live by. Whether you want to build a business, write a book or run a marathon, the Power Hour is going to help you get there faster!

7. Ctrl Alt Delete with Emma Gannon
Emma Gannon is a Sunday Times bestselling author, speaker, novelist and host of the no. 1 careers podcast in the UK, Crtl Alt Delete. It's had over 8.5 million downloads and isn't your traditional career podcast, Emma speaks to guests from all walks of life and from all different job backgrounds to find out more about their businesses and career paths. You might recognise Emma from a Microsoft advert from a few years ago.

8. Radio 4 Money Box
As a regular section on Radio 4, Money Box compiles the latest news from the world of personal finance on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. Presenters Paul Lewis, Adam Shaw and Louise Cooper chat about the latest goings on in the money world and offer advice for those wanting to make the most of their money. The podcasts are available on Wednesdays and Saturdays and cover a whole range of topics such as student finance, asking for a pay rise and how to start investing. 

Radio 4’s Money Box podcast also has a spin off on the same podcast download called The Money Clinic where a counsellor will help couples, families or individuals talk about their relationship and any problems with money and try to find the root of the issue. 

All episodes of Money Box are around 30 minutes long so are perfect for a bite-sized piece of personal finance if time is in short supply. Find out more about Money Box and download the podcast. 

9. Wake Up To Money
Another BBC addition to the personal finance podcast world is BBC 5’s Wake Up To Money, a daily radio feature available in podcast form. With daily updates and episodes available for 7 days on the BBC and many older episodes available on podcast platforms, you can get your daily money update instantly. 

Wake Up To money also talks about business and the wider money landscape as well as personal finance and some related political conversations. For a broader look into the world of money and finance, this is a great podcast but for a more in depth look into more personal matters we’d recommend heading to Money Box on Radio 4. Find out more about Wake Up To Money

10. Fun Kids: Money Guide For Kids
This UK based children’s radio station has a whole range of podcasts including Science Weekly, a book club and comedy for kids but they also have a great selection of 5 minute money-based episodes that cover topics such as how to look after your money, how to save and how to be careful online when spending pocket money. 

Their most recent series is called ‘Values, Money and Me' and covers sustainability, charity work and ‘do you really need it?’ to get kids thinking about money in a way that differs from simply spending and buying. Check out Fun Kids Live here.  

11. Money Unfiltered
Ellie Austin-Williams and Victoria Nabarro's new podcast, Money Unfiltered talks all about money but without the filters. Each week they have a no holds barred conversation about real life money. Victoria is a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and Ellie is a personal finance blogger, certified financial coach, writer and speaker. They both spend their days speaking to their clients and followers about money and on their podcast they're talking honestly with eachother about all things finances. 

12. Practical Positivity 
Sophie Cliff works under her smile-inducing alias - The Joyful Coach. Via 1-2-1 and group coaching, her content on Instagram, her blog and podcast Sophie helps people live their most joyful lives, whatever that looks like for them. Her weekly podcast episodes dives into how to squeeze more joy out of everyday and how to hack your own attitude to help you feel more confident plus much more. 

We worked with Sophie on a fantastic piece of content for our New Year 2021 campaign, #PlanProtectSave where she created an article for our Career Academy and a podcast episode all about identifing your values to find a career that is perfect for you. She even provided a worksheet, linked on our article to help you identify your values. Listen to Sophie's podcast Practical Positivity.


13. Cash Cows 
If you're after a more relaxed, spending diary approach to money and finance, Cash Cows could be the podcast for you. An intimate look at a group of three women's spending - Pippa, Serina and Rachael discuss what they've bought, what they spend their money on and why. They reveal their biggest spending regrets, what they spend on their hobbies, lockdown buys, budgeting and much more. This podcast is perfect for fans of My No Spend Week - don't come to Cash Cows expecting mortgage advice or tips on investment stocks!

14. The Which? Money Podcast 
Renowned for quality, Which? is where everyone goes to get the truth about products on the consumer market. Their podcast - The Which? Money Podcast is hosted by Lucia, a Which? presenter and she'll be joined by experts Gareth - Which? Head of Money and Jenny - Editor of Which? Money Magazine. On this podcast the team will discuss everything from how the Budget will affect their listeners to discussing buy now pay later finance. 

15. Money 101 by BBC Sounds 
Money 101, a BBC Sounds production, is hosted by Bea Duncan is a podcast for young adults trying to navigate the world of money and further their financial education. Each episode will cover one of the basics of money and 'adulting' from how to buy a house to how to save money whilst renting, what actually is debt and how you can start saving. 

There we have fifteen very different business, money, finance, education and motivational podcasts for your listening pleasure. From more relaxed conversations to serious conversations about financial matters, whichever approach you take, it's great that we're all talking more freely about money, business and personal growth. Check out the rest of The Hub for more articles on savings, budget planning and mortgages.

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