Redecorate on a budget

Digging out weeds, retouching paintwork and fixing leaky taps often slip to the bottom of the list when it comes to revamping our homes as buying cushions and hanging prints can often be a lot more fun to spend our hard-earned cash on! But, we're here to let you know what you could get done around your home for a budget of £100. We’ve teamed up with our home insurance provider RSA to give you these top tips!

So, what can you actually do to your home for £100? We’ve got a few ideas....

1. Stop the storage war
Invest in some under bed storage boxes, shoe racks or extra shelves for your cupboards and have a family organisation day. Good quality storage solutions aren’t cheap but they’ll definitely make life easier if you follow our four steps to a more organised home tips. Plus, you should have enough left over for a takeaway after a day of hard work! 

2. Sit on the fence
Not literally. But you could repair those wobbly fence panels that have been haunting you ever since the sun came out this year. If your fence posts are in good nick and you only need to replace a few panels you could do this and give them all a lick of paint for the start of a garden overhaul. 

Fancy some more garden improvement ideas? Read our 
seven ways to get your home and garden sunshine-ready in our House Goals hub. 

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3. Light it up
If you already have an app-controlled temperature system in your home, add to it with some smart bulbs to the main rooms and lamps that you use. These bulbs come in at around £20 each and you can also buy sensors that will turn them on as you walk past them or open a door. You can control their on/off status and their brightness using your phone. 

Our Social Media Manager, Allie uses them in her living room. “I’ve installed a sensor by my front door which means that whenever it’s opened, the living room light comes on - perfect for dark and cold winter nights - especially as our light switch is on the other side of the room!” 

Alternatively, changing light switches and plug sockets to brushed chrome, black or silver from the bog-standard white plastic can really lift a room. These can start from around £5 per light switch.

4. Invest in your sleep
There’s nothing better than getting into a freshly made bed. Upgrade that feeling and treat yourself to some new pillows and a new duvet and fall into that hotel-style bed you’ve always wanted! We bet you could find a jazzy set of bed linen in the £100 budget too if you shopped savvy, taking advantage of end of season sales. 

5. Create a feature wall
If you have a room in your house that’s a bit of a blank canvas, £100 can really make a difference. Get yourself down to your local DIY shop and browse the aisles for inspiration. A feature wall with funky wallpaper or even just a lick of paint could make a huge stylistic difference to your living room or bedroom. Or, even try adding blackboard paint to a wall in your kitchen for a dramatic effect, creating yourself a gigantic wall-sized shopping list. 


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