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Podcasts are big news in the world of media right now. They might have been around since 2004 and are available, for free, on many apps and websites but in the past few years their popularity has shot up the charts. From comedy to true crime there’s a podcast for everyone’s tastes. But we’re here to recommend a few personal finance and money podcasts that could inspire you to start saving or open your eyes to new products. 

1. Radio 4 Money Box
As a regular section on Radio 4, Money Box compiles the latest news from the world of personal finance on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. Presenters Paul Lewis, Adam Shaw and Louise Cooper chat about the latest goings on in the money world and offer advice for those wanting to make the most of their money. The podcasts are available on Wednesdays and Saturdays and cover a whole range of topics such as student finance, asking for a pay rise and how to start investing. 

Radio 4’s Money Box podcast also has a spin off on the same podcast download called The Money Clinic where a counsellor will help couples, families or individuals talk about their relationship and any problems with money and try to find the root of the issue. 

All episodes of Money Box are around 30 minutes long so are perfect for a bite-sized piece of personal finance if time is in short supply. Find out more about Money Box and download the podcast. 

2. Wake Up To Money
Another BBC addition to the personal finance podcast world is BBC 5’s Wake Up To Money, a daily radio feature available in podcast form. With daily updates and episodes available for 7 days on the BBC and many older episodes available on podcast platforms, you can get your daily money update instantly. 

Wake Up To money also talks about business and the wider money landscape as well as personal finance and some related political conversations. For a broader look into the world of money and finance, this is a great podcast but for a more in depth look into more personal matters we’d recommend heading to Money Box on Radio 4. Find out more about Wake Up To Money

3. Fun Kids: Money Guide For Kids
This UK based children’s radio station has a whole range of podcasts including Science Weekly, a book club and comedy for kids but they also have a great selection of 5 minute money-based episodes that cover topics such as how to look after your money, how to save and how to be careful online when spending pocket money. 

Their most recent series is called ‘Values, Money and Me' and covers sustainability, charity work and ‘do you really need it?’ to get kids thinking about money in a way that differs from simply spending and buying. Check out Fun Kids Live here.  

4. Meaningful Money
Meaningful Money is a podcast by Pete Matthew, a Chartered Financial Planner based in Cornwall. He believes that financial planning is ‘really simple for the vast majority of people’ and that it’s possible for anyone to achieve their goals. Pete covers topics such as setting financial goals, explaining what financial planning actually is and he even has a pensions masterclass. 

Meaningful Money has fifteen seasons and counting so there’s plenty of personal finance listening to get through. Listen to Pete’s podcast here

5. In Her Financial Shoes
Catherine Morgan, financial planner, personal finance blogger and previous guest writer for The Nottingham has her own podcast, aimed at women called In Her Financial Shoes. Catherine is an award-winning Qualified Financial Planner and Money Coach with 19 years experience. In her own words; “I help women to thrive financially” and her aim is to help women be more confident with their personal finance, learn practical money management tips and be in control of their own finances. Catherine talks about her own experiences, expertise and also has guests and experts to help her on her topics. 

Her podcast is currently on a third series and covers personal finance topics with episodes called ‘5 Ways to Make Better Financial Decisions’ and talks about topics such as beating financial overwhelm and dealing with your financial past. Catherine also covers a lot of topics related to having your own business and being self-employed. Listen to Catherine's podcast here

There we have it, five podcasts all about personal finance and money matters - will you be tuning in? 

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