Savvy bloggers' tips on how to save on Christmas food

Christmas can be an expensive time for food shopping but we're here to help with some great tips from money savvy bloggers and personal finance journalists on how to budget for a tasty festive season! Read on for five tips from six cost-conscious savers. 

1. Homemade
Sian, a blogger from The English Everygirl's tip is; "We make our own Yorkshire puddings and freeze them all the time! It’s cheaper than buying ready made ones too." And, if you pre-make them before Christmas Day you'll be ready to go on the day without sacrificing on your favourite homemade items because of time constraints. Another tip from Sian is;"Try a turkey crown instead of a full bird if you're not interested in boiling down the carcass for stock as it's less wasteful." Some great tips here!

2. Reduced price, same delicious food

Fiona Hawkes from Savvy in Somerset has some fantastic tips to do with buying reduced food for Christmas. Check out three of her favourite reduced items to pick up below and read her full blog post for more ideas;

  • Cheese actually freezes really well and is perfect to stock up on before cheese board season is in full swing
  • Stock up on party food like mini quiches and mozzarella sticks all ready for when the Christmas buffet rolls around
  • Pastries are fantastic for festive morning brunches, freeze well and can usually be found for really reduced prices in most supermarkets. 

3. Plan, plan, plan

Shoestring Cottage blogger, Jane has a fantastic tip; "Remember, it’s only one day! Only buy what you know you can reasonably eat and plan how you are going to use any leftovers."

A meal plan is a great way to budget and surely the best meal plan of all is the festive week? Yum! Think about making curries with leftover meat, bubble and squeak with veggies and of course there's always the classic Boxing Day sandwich. 

David from Money for Monday agrees and says "Only buy in what you need. It can be tempting to get in extra just in case you have visitors but this might end up being wasted if those items have a short shelf life."

4. Make a list and check it twice

Alieshia, a personal finance blogger has a great point about shopping and this tip follows on perfectly from Jane's planning tip above. "Make a list and shop online to avoid all the extra temptations. After all who can go into a supermarket and come out with JUST what they went in for? Not me."

5. Don't buy what you don't like

Faith Archer, a regular money blogger here in The Hub and personal finance journalist, says; "Ditch festive food you don't like. Don't buy stuff like nuts, dates, sprouts and even Christmas pudding if nobody actually enjoys them!" This is such a great tip as a lot of Christmas food is bought 'just because it's Christmas' but there's no point shelling out on snacks that no one will eat or enjoy. Faith blogs over at Much More With Less

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