Helen's home insurance story

It's hard to believe some people don't think of home insurance as an essential. Helen Jacklin, from South Ferriby in Lincolnshire, is not one of those people and she is glad to have had cover ever since becoming a home owner over 30 years ago.

That was particularly the case six years ago when the River Humber rose suddenly and a flood struck, devastating her home and the majority of items within it.

Whilst the experience was extremely traumatic it is one she was happy to talk about again after The Nottingham introduced her to RSA for her latest home insurance policy.

Helen, 60, said: “I’ve never understood why some people forego important home insurance just so they can have an extra night out or another pair of shoes. Many see it as a burden.

“I was brought up to pay the mortgage, bills and insurance first and to save a bit too, and then whatever is left can go on what you want. That certainly stood me in good stead when the flood happened and two feet of water changed everything in an instant.

“Thankfully, after a night sleeping on the floor of the village hall, my insurers came to the rescue, and hotel accommodation and then a flat were arranged whilst my house was sorted out. Nearly seven months later I moved back in.

“I wouldn’t wish a flood on anyone but cannot explain how different it would have been for me, had I not had a good insurance policy in place.”

Back then Helen was insured by the bank she worked for at the time and she loyally went on to keep cover with them for over three decades.

Whilst that did the important job of making sure she always had a policy in place, what it didn’t take into account was that there might be lower prices to be had elsewhere - that is until a chance conversation in The Nottingham's Brigg branch led to a review of her cover.

Helen added: “My friend and I had gone into Brigg for lunch and we popped into The Nottingham so she could put some money into her granddaughter’s savings account.

“We got talking to a well informed and friendly customer services assistant, Nicky, and in the course of the conversation home insurance came up and she mentioned how it might be worth me speaking to RSA for a review of my cover.

“I thought there was no harm in looking into it and she put me in touch with them. Not everyone will be able to make a saving as it depends on individual circumstances, however I am happy to now have the same level of cover in place for £300 a year less than the almost £700 my bank had quoted me to renew!

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