A family protected for the future

When Lorraine Woodrow turned 50 one of the first things she did was put a Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan in place with the help of our Dereham branch team.

Following in the footsteps of husband Stuart, who had arranged a plan a year before, supermarket employee Lorraine knew how important it was from her personal experience of her mum passing away four years ago.

It was a difficult time for the entire family and they expected additional stresses to come their way in the form of funeral expenses and arrangements.

However, they were relieved to find out that Lorraine’s mum had thought ahead and protected her family with a funeral plan. It meant that all funeral arrangements covered and paid for in the plan were taken care of.

Lorraine, who lives in Dereham with HGV driver Stuart and their two sons, explains: “Stuart is five years older so he has had a plan in place longer, but just weeks after I turned 50 - the minimum age for setting up a plan - I got mine sorted too.

“It’s important to both of us that we protect our boys from the financial strain when the inevitable happens - particularly following my experiences when my mum died.

“When we found out she had a funeral plan in place it meant that everything regarding the funeral was taken care of which gave us real peace of mind.”

Speaking to familiar and friendly faces were factors for both Lorraine and Stuart in arranging their Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plans at our Dereham branch. They were also keen to avoid future price rises.

If funeral plan costs continue to rise as they have been doing since 2011^, the average price is likely to be £6,206 by 2028^^, meaning those who pre-pay will technically freeze costs at today’s prices for services included in the plan.

Lorraine adds: “Stuart and I have held savings accounts at the Dereham branch ever since it opened and have always found all of the team there to be professional, knowledgeable and kind, which is why our sons now have savings accounts there too.

“We paid our mortgage off recently and decided that it made sense to put the funeral plans in place. As we have always been so happy with the service at The Nottingham, and even sorted out our home insurance via them, we decided to speak to the branch team.

“They made us aware of just how much funeral plan costs are on the rise so, all things considered, it was a no-brainer for us to put them in place now, safe in the knowledge we have protected the boys for the future.”

Qualifying members* can receive £120 cashback when purchasing a plan. This is one of many exclusive rewards our members can benefit from.


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