The Nottingham teams volunteer at Operation Orphan

Operation Orphan are working hard to protect women, children and families from trafficking and the elements by taking donations of food, toiletries and medicines and warm clothes to the refugees from Ukraine. Once our £20,000 donation from the Samuel Fox Foundation had settled in the account of the local charity we reached out and offered a helping hand getting their humanitarian aid efforts ready to take the many trips to the Moldovan border. 

We sent five teams over five days of volunteering to the Chilwell-based charity to help to pack boxes ready for the vans and lorries and organise donations, some of which have been collected by our branches.


Our pictured team including our Chief Customer Office Iain Kirkpatick, Head of Facilities Tim Neal and Head of People and Development Anne Leivers did a sterling job of packing, sorting and weighing lots of boxes full of warm clothes and tinned food ready for an imminent delivery from the warehouse.  Anne and some of our Comms team tackled the huge job of opening hundreds of homemade knitted and quilted blanket donations that have been sent over from all over the UK and Ireland. They were very proud of their before and after as seen above! 


Some of the kind-hearted donations that Operation Orphan continue to receive for their 'Knit a kid a blanket' campaign that's been running for a number of years to help children in need all over the globe, way before the crisis in Ukraine came to light. Overall, Beehive Money and The Nottingham have donated over 80 hours of volunteering time on top of our donation from the Samuel Fox Foundation and we hope to make a real difference to the people in need as a result of the appalling events that have unfolded in Eastern Europe over the past months. 

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