Six top tips for your investment health-check

It’s always good to keep on top of your savings and investments – especially if you want to make sure that your hopes and dreams for the future are staying on course.

Our trusted financial partners at Wren Sterling are experts on assessing what’s happening to your money.

They can talk things over at your home or in a private area of a branch of The Nottingham after preparing a review of your investments to ensure that everything is clear, straightforward and simple when they take you through your portfolio.

At the review, you’ll be provided with an investment review pack as well as charts and figures relevant to you. 

Your expert will guide you through the progress of your investments, perhaps re-assessing your short and long term goals according to any changes in your life or the wider world.

Their skills and expertise can add real value in these areas:

  1. You. Have your circumstances or requirements changed? For example, what was a “perfect” investment portfolio last year might have provided amazing growth but this would be no use to you if you now need an income. You and your requirements are key. Everything else leads from this.
  2. Is the portfolio working as it should? A collection of high-performing individual funds can be like a sports team full of prima donna stars. We want a team that works together.
  3. Taking a look at your individual funds and investments, firstly in terms of performance. How does it look in comparison to the rest of the market? We examine cumulative performance, in other words, what level of return have we seen over longer terms of usually three or better still, over five years. We also analyse discrete performance year on year. We seek consistency and stability, rather than a star fund that might be about to fade.
  4. Risk is next. High returns could be a sign of extra risk rather than good management. Or it may be that a fund shows lower returns due to a more cautious approach - which we have agreed is what you need. It is vital for us to know how the investments are run and why.
  5. Charges are obviously important too. That doesn’t mean that cheap is always cheerful. Is a manager justifying higher charges by delivering higher returns with less risk? If the answer is yes then a lower cost option might not be as good. 
  6. Is there anything else that careful inspection might uncover? Has the manager changed, the fund amended its strategy or objectives, has anything changed at the companmy which manages your fund which could affect the long term prospects or has anything changed in the world that means we might no longer want to be investing in that area?

When your money is your future, it’s essential to have the clarity you need - and the assurance that your plans for the future are appropriate.

Your adviser and their back office support will have considered all of these questions before you sit down to plan the next stage of your life, so they can explain decisions and show how their advice is guiding you towards your financial goals. 

Call us or pop in to a branch to find out more about booking an investment health check.

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