Be summer savvy about your home security

With summer creeping around the corner, it’s important to keep home security at the front of your mind. We've got some top tips from our home insurance experts, RSA, to share with our members.

The warmer weather and relaxed atmosphere can make your home more vulnerable to summer burglaries and fires than any other time of year but the importance of home security is still as high as every other season. There are a few simple ways for you to keep your summer home security at its best:

Keep sheds and gardens locked

You may be regularly going in and out of your garden in the warmer weather so it’s important to ensure that you keep your garden and any outdoor buildings or sheds locked. Sheds can be a prime target; often containing valuable items like bicycles, lawn mowers and gardening equipment. Make sure your shed is in good condition so that it can withstand force, with a strong lock.

Check fire/smoke alarms

In the summer, your garden will be hotter and drier than normal, creating perfect conditions for fires to spread. Make sure your fire and smoke alarms are fully working and are in the appropriate places to detect danger around your house and garden. BBQs can be one of the best parts of the summer; but be mindful about where you place them, making sure you don’t cook too close to any buildings and make sure you put the fire out completely when finished. 

Keep an eye on open doors and windows

When it’s hot and stuffy inside, opening windows and doors is very tempting, but it can make your home vulnerable to burglary. One way to reduce risk is by only opening windows or doors when you are in the room. Remember to close and lock them when you are leaving the house or are out making the most of the sun in the garden. 

Be sensible

Small actions can go a long way in deterring burglaries. Try not to have any valuables on display for passers-by to see to make your house less inviting to potential intruders. It’s also worth thinking about where you leave your valuables if anyone does manage to get in. Keeping your car and house keys away from any windows and doors will give any potential burglars more of a challenge if they do try to get in.

Following these simple summer home security tips will make your house less vulnerable to burglaries and fires, but there is no way to predict what can happen. Having a good home insurance policy is important for keeping your home covered if disaster strikes.  

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