Ten reasons you need an estate agent

A good estate agent can offer security and value-for-money says Carl Smith - Property Sales Manager for Nottingham Estate Agency. Going it alone carries some risks and hassles you might not have considered. Here are Carl's ten reasons why it could be the right move to employ the services of a trained property professional.

1. "Buying or selling a house is probably the biggest financial transaction you will ever make. Do you really want to get into that without professional expertise and support?"

2. "The personal touch is important. The saying is - people buy people. They build bonds and develop trust. This is hard to get from a faceless online estate agent."

3. "A real, trained estate agent has their head firmly in the local market. They know how much your home is worth and will be able to value it correctly. Not having a proper valuation could risk your property sell for less than you'd like it to or, alternatively, it could gather dust for months because it is over-priced."

4. "An estate agent will tell you all the little things you can do to the presentation of your property to make it more attractive to buyers based on their experience of previous sales."

5. "A good agent won't wait for a buyer to find you. They will know who's in the market for a home like yours and they'll be proactive in arranging viewings."

6. "At Nottingham Estate Agency we have a team to progress sales. We'll speak to buyers, sellers, solicitors and other estate agents to keep chains moving. If you sell online, a lot of communication is done via email. An estate agent can keep a chain together and manage expectations."

7. A professional agent is trained to sell a property in full compliance with the law. "If you put your home up online are you sure it's being described in accordance with consumer protection regulations?"

8. An estate agent is a buffer between the buyer and the seller. People will inevitably haggle over an asking price. Your agent could stop those negotiations descending into bitterness and recrimination. "They can really take the hassle away", says Carl.

9. "We filter out time-wasters. A professional estate agent will check a buyer's proof of funds."

10. You can complain and could potentially be compensated if a professional estate agent lets you down. Nottingham Estate Agency are members of The Property Ombudsman redress scheme. The Property Ombudsman Scheme is a free and impartial service that resolves disputes between consumers and agents fairly.

If you're looking to sell your home with Nottingham Estate Agency you can get a free instant online valuation now. Your house might be worth more than you think. 

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Nottingham Estate Agency are members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO).


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