4 reasons to buy a funeral plan

The thing about funerals is - we will all have one. However, from dealing with the subject on such a regular basis, we understand that organising such a significant event can be seriously tough for families and loved ones going through bereavement or grief. Many avoid talking to those close to them about their wishes before the event so they are left with lots of decisions to make around music, casket, style of funeral, guest list, flowers, readings etc. Add into this the stress of losing said loved one and what could potentially be quite a hefty bill at the end - a bad time can be made a lot worse.

There is a solution to prevent all this stress and uncertainty, and although organising your own funeral may be a daunting prospect, here are 4 reasons why a pre-paid funeral plan is something that’s worth thinking about.

1. A sensible investment

Unfortunately, you can be sure you’re going to use what you’re paying for with a funeral plan as it’s all put in place for a situation that is inevitable. And, you can pay it off over a set period of time. When it’s paid off, you can simply enjoy life until it’s needed. With a prepaid funeral plan, you know how long you’ll be paying it off for which means you can budget accordingly in your day to day life. You'll be comfortable in the knowledge that your family won’t have to worry about the cost of the services in the plan.

2. The rising cost of funerals

A study by SunLife in their 2018 Cost of Dying Report found that on average, the group they surveyed had to find £2,775 to pay for the funeral of a loved one. This is a hefty bill for something that was perhaps unexpected or is simply out of budget. Dignity themselves have also found that the price of funerals from 2011 to 2018 has increased by over £1,000.* This increase is measured over 7 years, so you can imagine what the future increases could be. By purchasing and paying in advance you avoid inflation and rising costs.

3. Doing it your way

By having a prepaid funeral plan, essential and important things for the day such as cars, coffins, music, flowers, charity donations and much more can be pre-arranged. The person who the funeral is for has the final say in what happens and those left behind don’t have to fret about the fact that they may not be getting details right for their loved one.

4. Less emotional strain

Having to make important decisions and financial commitments at a time of emotional stress may only make the period of grief more difficult. Emotions play a huge part in financial decisions and it can be tricky to think sensibly when you are upset. By taking these difficult decisions out of the equation you can protect those you leave behind so they can focus on family time, bereavement and looking after themselves.

We’re proud to work with Dignity, The Nottingham’s Prepaid Funeral Plan Partner. Find out more about Prepaid Funeral Plans.

* Difference between 2011 average price of £2,971 and 2018 average price of £4,045. Matter Communications independent research from 2011 - 2018 on mystery price shopping with 254 funeral directors across 122 UK locations. These locations are stratified across the UK to represent the proportion of FDs overall per region and cover a range of providers.


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