Rose and Ted: Funeral plan peace of mind

Retired couple Rose and Ted Lyjak visited our Harpenden branch to check out savings interest rates and accounts after a family recommendation - and left with their funerals sorted!

The outcome might seem off-piste given Rose and Ted’s investment aims. However, the cost of funerals has been rising over recent years so the Dunstable-based duo decided to act now and put plans in place.

Another hugely important factor for the Lyjaks, who also set up savings bonds with the help of branch team members Sophie and Donna (pictured, below), is the peace of mind that when the time comes, arrangements will be taken care of and their four children won’t face as much stress, or cost, at such a difficult time.

Former accounts clerk Rose, 74, explains: “The Nottingham was recommended to us by our daughter, who has savings accounts at the Harpenden branch, too. She and her husband are always very impressed with the customer service they receive.

“Ted and I went along to discuss savings accounts and whilst we were there noticed a poster advertising funeral plans. Neither of us are getting any younger and you never know what’s around the corner, so I enquired about them.

“Sophie and Donna were great and chatted through both our savings account and funeral plan options and the funeral plans certainly made financial sense.

“But, even more importantly for Ted and I, is the fact that now we can get on with life knowing that everything will be taken care of for our perfect send-off - from a cost and planning point of view - and that our children and their families won’t have to worry about those things at all.”

If funeral plan costs continue to rise as they have been doing since 2011, the average price is likely to be £5,757 by 2026*, meaning those who pre-pay will technically freeze costs at today’s prices for services included in the plan.

The couple will also benefit from being referred by a family member as they will each receive a £120 Member Reward for taking out the funeral plans, provided by Dignity, as part of The Nottingham’s loyalty programme*, which offers discounts and cashback for people saving, planning and protecting for their futures.

Dignity’s Relationship Manager John Cutler added: “Having a funeral plan not only makes financial sense, as it protects against rising funeral costs, it also takes away a lot of stress for the plan holder and their families. They can get on with enjoying life knowing that arrangements are in place and taken care of.”

Sophie Roe and Donna Watson

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