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When it comes to helping people set up their funeral plans, Cheryl Pressley has the all-important conversation down to a fine art. For her, it’s all about the member’s needs. The Worksop-based Customer Services Consultant prides herself on knowing her customers and “removing barriers” when it comes to talking about the product. As she says, “we’ll all need a funeral one day”.

Cheryl is happy that she and her colleagues are playing a part in helping so many people put plans in place for later life. She explains: “I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people with funeral plans and it’s an area of my job that I really enjoy, which may seem a little strange to some people given the subject matter. “I don’t see it as a morbid thing - far from it. It’s about assisting people in having the right thing in place, for them and for their families. Funerals are a common denominator as we’ll all need one, one day.

“It’s good to have open chats and to understand the member’s needs. If you do that, all barriers around the subject disappear and conversations can even be quite enjoyable. “What many people don’t consider is that funeral plans are a financial product. Putting one in place now can not only save a family from unnecessary stress at a later date, it also freezes the price for the services included in the plan.

“For example, if you knew that your child, or grandchild, was getting married in 30 or 40 years’ time and you could pay today’s prices for the wedding now instead of three times that in the future, what would you do? A similar philosophy applies to funeral plans.”

Here’s just some of the ways Cheryl, who has worked for The Nottingham for 13 years, has taken time to understand our members and help put in place their wishes over the last twelve months:

  • Cheryl researched the important elements of green burials in order to be more knowledgeable on the subject prior to an appointment with a member that expressed an interest in an environmentally friendly funeral.
  • A member whose wife had recently died visited the branch to register her death. He explained to Cheryl how the funeral plan she had helped arrange for his wife had relieved a lot of pressure and that he too wanted to put a funeral plan in place.
  • A customer mentioned that he also had money in a bank account elsewhere, but that it was earning very little in interest. Cheryl talked the man through funeral plan prices and explained that by purchasing now he would be saving on future price increases for the services in the plan. He decided it made better financial sense to purchase a plan with the savings.
The Nottingham member Gina Ritchie was so impressed by Cheryl’s approach in helping arrange a funeral plan for her late dad that she and husband Andy will mark their 50th birthdays in 2019 by both setting plans up.

Gina explains: “My dad died just four months after we had sorted out his funeral plan with Cheryl. Whilst it was obviously a very sad time it took all of the stress away with regards to funeral costs and arrangements. I don’t want my three children to have to worry about anything when we’ve gone, so we’ll both be putting a plan in place when we turn 50. “There’s no doubt we’ll be asking Cheryl for help in setting them up. She knows the names of everyone that walks through the door, makes you feel very welcome and is extremely knowledgeable. 

“It’s great The Nottingham is on the high street giving people the opportunity to talk about important life event planning like this, and the icing on the cake was dealing with someone like Cheryl.”

Qualifying members can currently get up to £460 off a prepaid funeral plan* provided by our trusted partner, Dignity. To find out more visit your local branch, call 0344 481 1226 or send an online enquiry. 

*£460 saving is based on the £120 cashback for qualifying members and £340 difference between Diamond plan price of £3,795 and the 2018 plan price of £4,135. Discount valid until 30 April 2019 - you can read full terms and conditions here. To qualify for cashback you need to have a savings balance of at least £500, and have either held one of our savings accounts for at least the last 12 months or currently have a Nottingham Building Society mortgage - you can read full terms and conditions here.

Cheryl Pressley

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