Tickets, money, passport and estate agent!

With the long summer school holidays just around the corner, many of us may be counting down to a week or two in the sun or a few days with the family to get away from it all.

A summer break may be just what you need if your home is on the market, and you have been packing in preparation for a sale.

However, when it comes to the typical ‘tickets, money, passports’ checklist, don’t overlook ‘estate agent and keys’!

In all the excitement of a long-awaited break, it may be easy to overlook a few important tasks as holiday mode takes over – and may even hinder an eventual sale!

“When the weather is nice people are more inclined to view houses, and a property always looks better on a sunny day,” said our Head of Estate Agency Su Snaith.

“So when sellers go away, they should ensure that their house is still looking its best. 
While sellers enjoy a well-earned break, their estate agent will continue to work hard on their behalf.

“There are a few steps sellers can take to ensure that there are no missed opportunities when it comes to viewings in their absence.”

Su added: “Unfortunately, it is a situation estate agents experience time and time again – the seller goes on holiday and forgets to leave a key with the agent for them to show potential buyers the property when they are away.

“This is easily resolved. If you are planning a break this summer, we would advise letting your agent know, and put together a simple checklist so that you don’t miss out on that potential sale.”

Don’t forget to:

  • Inform your estate agent that you are going away – and above all, leave them a key. There is nothing worse than having to turn away interested viewers because the agent has no access to your home.
  • Ensure the house is clean and tidy before you leave. Place a couple of air fresheners around the property to compensate for having to keep windows closed and locked.
  • Check for anything that might go off and smell – bread, fruit in a bowl and even flowers in a vase - and throw them away.
  • Empty household rubbish bins, make sure all work surfaces are clean and tidy, clear out magazine racks, ensure that draining boards and sinks are clear of washing up and the dishwasher is clear of dirty crockery.
  • Cut the lawn prior to your departure and, if possible, arrange for someone to water your garden if the weather gets too warm.
  • Ask a neighbour to pull your bins back from the kerb to a suitable place once emptied, if refuse collection is due while you are away.
  • Ensure that, along with the key, you give your estate agent the code to your property’s alarm.
  • Make sure your agent also has your contact details in case they need to call you about that all important offer – even if you are sunning yourself abroad!

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