Mum Rebecca’s home help

When pregnant Rebecca Needham set her sights on moving into a new family home it was all mapped out - with no reason to believe things wouldn’t go through in time for the birth.

The 32-year-old, from Queniborough in Leicestershire, had sold her house and had an offer accepted on a nearby property being marketed by our Harrison Murray Estate Agency team in Syston.

Rebecca and daughter Abigail, who is four, excitedly began to plan for the future oblivious to problems in the selling chain that would ultimately delay, and nearly ruin, their dreams.

The vendors of the three-bed end terrace were having problems with the deeds on the house they were looking to move on to and the process was about to become much more drawn out than anyone expected.

That’s when our sales progressor Jan Szablewska really stepped up to the plate. Her role, as part of the sales progression team is to be right by the side of the vendor, and the buyer where needs be, and help them overcome any hurdles.

Rebecca, who gave birth to second child Eleanor in March on her first night in her new home, took up the tale: “Our old house had been sold in February 2015 and, after moving in with my parents for a few months, we found this house advertised with Harrison Murray.

“It was perfect for us. We were so happy because we thought that we might have been priced out of staying in Queniborough but it was within our budget and we fell in love with it.

“There were six months or so until Eleanor was due so there were no doubts at all we would be in and settled before she arrived. But then events unravelled that threatened to make the whole thing a nightmare - at one point I was close to pulling out altogether.

“However, throughout the complications what kept me going was the fantastic support of Jan. I know that not every estate agency has a sales progression team so what Harrison Murray have got, as part of a large building society like The Nottingham, is a real asset.

“Regardless of whether there was good news, bad news or no news, Jan kept me updated throughout - her communication was second to none and all the way through the process I knew she cared about the situation and had the professionalism and expertise to cut through things and sort out problems that arose.

“She kept me sane at times and it really does restore my faith in estate agents - who get a bad press a lot of the time. And, most importantly of all, Jan helped resolve all the matters so that we could get into our new home and begin the next chapter of family life here.

“My mum and dad have recently put their house on the market too and they havedone so with Harrison Murray because of the fantastic service I received.”

As part of an emotional meeting with Jan - all of their previous contact had been over the telephone or by email - arranged by The Nottingham’s PR team, Rebecca thanked her for everything and also recalled another act of kindness that had left her feeling warm inside.

Rebecca, who works for Nottingham Trent University, explained: “One of the nicest things that happened in all of this, and something I’ll never forget, is that as I fast approached Eleanor’s due date there was a conversation involving Jan, the Syston branch of Harrison Murray and the vendors about how everything could be completed ASAP given my situation.

“The upshot is that to get the sale through the couple selling, who were also buying their new home with Harrison Murray, agreed to move out and rent for a few weeks
so that I could complete and be in the house ahead of the birth.

“I will be forever grateful for that gesture - and the role of Jan and the Harrison Murray branch team in making that happen - and am so pleased it didn’t cause too many problems for the vendors and that they too were then able to complete on their purchase.

“All in all this is a triumph of the human spirit in many ways - and that’s thanks to the care and professionalism of Jan and Harrison Murray.” Jan added: “It was a pleasure to meet Rebecca and baby Eleanor and to see and hear that they, and Abigail, are so happy in their new home.

“As sales progressors we are on the end of a phone or email the vast majority of the time once the branch has concluded negotiations, but that certainly doesn’t stop us
caring about the people we are dealing with - quite the opposite in fact. 

“Most of us have, in the past, worked in the face-to-face side of estate agency in our branches so we know exactly how much it means to people to get those keys and
move in. Moving house is an exciting, and often very emotional, thing to do. 

“That’s why we keep people at the heart of what we do and make sure we can cut through things as effectively as possible - keeping them informed every step of the

Photo caption: Rebecca Needham (right) with baby Eleanor and Harrison Murray sales progressor Jan Szablewska.


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