Peace of mind for Richard and Mary

Richard and Mary Whittle had a poor opinion of estate agents – but that changed when they made contact with the Ashbourne branch of Harrison Murray.

The couple, who have been married for 56 years, live in the charming village of Clifton, near the Derbyshire town of Ashbourne. Mary’s mum lived just across the road and was being cared for by Mary and Richard until she developed dementia and needed to move into a care home.

Mary explained: “It was two years ago and we were trying to sell my mum’s house, but we never seemed to have much luck with estate agents. They would book appointments for a viewing and the people would either not turn up or not really be interested if they did.

“We needed to sell the house to pay for some of my mum’s care and we decided to move to Harrison Murray Estate Agency (part of The Nottingham) – and that was such a positive move.

“We soon had a buyer lined up, but then the deal fell through. We thought it would be a problem to find another buyer but Paul from Harrison Murray was soon on the case and we very quickly had another buyer and the sale went through.”

One aspect of the Harrison Murray service that Richard and Mary were particularly pleased with was their knowledge of the area and the type of property they were selling.

Richard said: “We are very close to the border with Staffordshire so we are close to Uttoxeter as well as being just outside Ashbourne with easy access to Derby. That should be a strong selling point but we had people turning up with no knowledge of the type of property or that we were in a semi-rural location.

“The estate agents we used never seemed to give good information and so we either had people who were wasting time or they were disappointed when they arrived. That was never the case with Harrison Murray. They knew their clients and the property on their books.”

It was while the couple were dealing with the estate of Mary’s mother that they understood the need to have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), which would enable them to make financial decisions for Mary’s mum as her dementia worsened.

Mary said: “We had never heard about LPAs until my mum became ill. Now I have told quite a few of my friends about it.

“It certainly made Richard and I think about our own will and what would happen if we became ill.”

The couple have one daughter, Tracey, and two granddaughters, Lucie and Hayley. When they decided it was time to make a new will they turned to The Nottingham for advice. 

The Nottingham offers a unique all-under-one-roof service of estate agency and building society services, including advice on mortgages, insurance and estate and financial planning – so they were able to help.

Mary added: “We looked into the services that The Nottingham offers and decided to make an appointment to see someone from The Will Writing Company, who work with The Nottingham, and they came out to see us at home. 

“We are still in the process of finalising our wills, but we have specified that we want our daughter Tracey to have a LPA if we become unable to make our own financial decisions in the future.”

Before retiring Mary (71) ran a bed and breakfast business from her home for over 30 years and Richard (74) worked in engineering.

Richard added: “We wanted to get our affairs in order and it has given us peace of mind to sort out our wills.

“We would definitely recommend The Nottingham and Harrison Murray. It has been so simple to deal with them and the service has been very professional throughout.”


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