Selling your property

Get your home valued

It’s important to get the price right when your home goes on the market. If your property is on the market too high you could be waiting many months for an offer. Then if you reduce your price, buyers could wait for it to come down even further. If your property is on the market too low, you could be losing money.

How we can help
  • We offer free property valuations
  • We have in-depth understanding and analysis of the local market
  • We’ll aim to achieve the very best possible price for your home.

Appoint an estate agent

Pick your estate agent on the basis of how they’ll conduct viewings, the strength of their high-street presence, their understanding of the area, what kind of marketing they’ll give your property and how they will help you become financially and legally prepared for the sale.

How we can help
  • We have a large network of branches across the region
  • We give expert advice on how to present your home
  • Our dedicated property sales managers and sales progressors are experts and are here to help you throughout the whole process
  • We'll give your property maximum exposure to potential buyers
  • We have the ability to arrange an Energy Performance Certificate through a trusted supplier
  • We effectively market your property by putting it on the main selling websites such as Rightmove
  • We'll help you plan your finances for the move
  • We'll help you appoint a solicitor/conveyancer so that the sale can proceed quickly and smoothly.

Getting your home ready for viewings

First impressions do count. Subconsciously, things like brightness and cleanliness are noted immediately.

Our top tips
  • If paintwork is chipped or walls marked, give them a fresh coat of paint
  • Tidy up the outside of your home
  • Cut back the garden, mow the lawn
  • Remove all clutter from rooms
  • Dust and vacuum everywhere
  • Keep it all tidy.

Make sure your home is marketed thoroughly

Your home should be marketed in a number of ways to make sure as many potential buyers as possible see it. The most likely place that buyers are going to look is online so it's key to ensure your property features on our website as well as Rightmove. It’s also a good idea to pick an estate agent with lots of potential buyers, such as a company with a strong local name.

How we can help
  • Your home has online advertising on our website as well as Rightmove
  • We have a large database of potential buyers.

Receiving an offer

When you receive an offer it’s a huge decision about whether to accept it or not. You should be able to trust your estate agent enough to talk things through with them. Remember, they’re acting on your behalf.

Once you receive an offer, it will need to be confirmed in writing. Your estate agent should check that the buyer is able to proceed and should confirm their position. Are they financially prepared? Do they have a property of their own to sell?

How we can help
  • We’ll negotiate to obtain the best possible price
  • We'll check the buyers financial situation.

Accepting an offer

Once you’ve accepted an offer your home is ‘sold, subject to contract’, but you or the buyer can still withdraw from the transaction. To secure the sale we need to get you to exchange contracts without delay. We will confirm the details of the sale in writing to you, your buyer, and both solicitors.

How we can help
  • We have a dedicated sales progression team that work hard to keep you updated with the progress of the sale to keep it as hassle free as possible. If you choose to use a solicitor/conveyancer from our panel you will have the following benefits:
    • Ability to keep track of things online
    • If a sale falls through you won't be left with a bill because the solicitors/conveyancers on our panel of work on a 'no sale - no fee' basis, however this excludes fixed disbursements such as searches and the cost of any additional work which you may have agreed separately with the solicitor/conveyancer.

Progressing the sale

If required, your buyer will begin carrying out any surveys they need on your property. At some point your solicitor/conveyancer will send the buyer a draft contract which lists the fixtures and fittings included in the sale. We stay in close touch with all the parties so everyone knows where they are in the process.

How we can help
  • Because effective communication is at the heart of a successful sale, our dedicated team will save you the hassle of chasing things up
  • We'll update you regularly on where your sale has got to, so you’re aware of any snags or hold-ups.

Exchanging contracts

When the contract is ready, you and the buyer will both need to sign it. Your buyer’s deposit will be transferred to your solicitor, who will then hold it until the sale goes through. A completion date will also be set at this point. Once contracts are exchanged, both you and the buyer are legally bound by it.

How we can help
  • There's a lot to think about on completion day, especially if you're moving out of your current property on the same day. We will help you plan key arrangements in advance so there's one less thing to think about
  • We’ll help you exchange contracts as quickly as possible – things can often go slowly before reaching this point, but we will endeavour to keep the whole process moving smoothly.

That’s it. The balance of the sale price will now be paid to your conveyancer or solicitor. As soon as they receive it, they’ll let the estate agent know and release the keys to the owner. Then it’s time to move out. 

Whatever your next steps are, we can help you plan for the future.

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