How to earn money

You’ve been to the toy shop and you’ve seen the latest LEGO Super Heroes set that you really want. But it’s not your birthday or Christmas. If only you’d saved your pocket money and put it away in your money box or savings account.

Next time you get some pocket money or have spare cash left over, it’s a good idea to save some of it. In the meantime here are some handy tips that will help you earn some extra cash or at least keep hold of what you’ve got. Make sure you ask a grown-up before you do any of these, you wouldn’t want them to get cross.

Wash the dishes

Why not start at home? Ask if you can help by doing some washing up or loading the dishwasher.

Tidy up your room

We know you might not want to do it, but you could get major brownie points and at the same time earn a few pennies.

Painting nails

Why not see if you can paint your friend’s nails? They’ll look great and you could get paid too.

Helping in the garden

Still staying close to home, how about helping out in the garden? It’s a year-round activity, from pulling up weeds and watering plants in the summer through to picking up leaves and shovelling snow in autumn and winter.

Washing the car

Ask your parents if they would like their car cleaned. It’s probably not so much fun when it’s cold, but in the summer it could be lots of fun. And as long as you get permission, you might be able to see if your neighbours would like their cars washing too. We’re talking pounds here, not pence.

Dog walking service

If you have a hound, you could take him or her out for a walk. Or again, if your parents say it’s ok, you could see if any of your neighbours would like their dogs walking. The money could add up, as most dogs need walking every day.

Selling unwanted items

You’re bound to have old toys, games, DVDs, books or clothes that you no longer want or need. Why not see if you can sell them? You could set up a stall outside your home, or maybe even sell them online. Again, ask your parents to help.

Making things

It’s fun, creative and who knows you may even enjoy it. How about baking some cakes and cookies? People love to eat sweet things so once you’ve made your tasty delights you’ll be able to sell your products. Or you could try and make some jewellery. It’s easier than you think.

Use the library

OK, so this isn’t technically earning money, but instead of buying a DVD, CD or books, why not go to your local library? That way you’ll be able to save the cash you would have spent on them.


How about seeing if you can set up a swap shop? You and your friends get together, and then swap things you no longer want for things you do.

There, now you’re armed with some handy tips to help you save. Remember, whatever you do, always ask a grown-up first.

When you’ve saved up your money 

If you want to put your hard-earned cash into a savings account, you might be interested in our Robin Hood Young Saver account. You only need £1 to open one and for that you’ll get a really cool Robin Hood money box and a bag of goodies. There are three more money boxes to collect too as your savings increase. So, pop down to your local branch, open an account and get saving.

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