Amelia Newsome - Campaign manager

Amelia is a campaign manager working in a busy marketing department looking after a range of marketing for the society’s products and services. 

My title is campaign manager, in the marketing team at The Nottingham. The title originated historically within the marketing department as mainly that role was items you see in branch windows. But essentially it is a marketing manager role as generally we are looking at the full marketing mix – both print and online. We have gradually over time moved further away from print, both for environmental reasons and for the general changes we see in the digital world, which is an easier form of trackable marketing, in terms of whom is reacting to what, and what works best.

I have worked there for seven years, which is the longest time I have worked at one company – so I think that says a lot about how good it is to work at The Nottingham. I have been in marketing for well over 15 years. Previously I had worked in marketing agencies in Leeds and at in similar marketing roles. I love both print and online. Print because you can see the final item brought to life and digital because you can track what is and what isn’t working. Plus a bonus in this type of marketing, if online it can be changed quickly – compared to that of print.

We are a tight-knit team regardless of whether we are all working together or at home remotely. We have so much fun in the office, we work hard but when we get chance we play hard too.

Generally, I start each day going through emails received, which will include internal, external and junk. I will reply to anything that is just an inquiry and I know the answer to. If I don’t know the answers, or it is actionable – I will leave as unread to come back to later. I will then look at my ‘to do’ list, and add any of the unknown answers to questions and of course the actionable items. I will then prioritise what needs actioning straight away.

Days at work range from writing a brief for our studio team, that will describe and request visuals for a new branch campaign. This can include anything from creating posters and leaflets and other elements to promote our services, such as our Member Rewards and Mortgage Advice Bureau to writing, creating and sending emails to our members, meetings about projects or marketing support, team updates. There is quite a lot of admin involved in a marketing role. But when you get chance to be creative, it is an amazing feeling.

I have to be very strict in making sure I have structure to my day and week. With the ‘to do’ lists as mentioned, and then prioritisation along with meeting appointments and deadlines, included in my work calendar (Outlook). I have ADHD and when I was at school it was picked up as hyperactivity so didn’t get the support you get in schools nowadays, and I wasn’t overly successful at school because of my lack of attention and being disorganised. However, I went on to college and university – where marketing really caught my attention, and was I able to create my own coping mechanisms and structured way of learning and working to ensure that tasks get done well and in a timely manner. So I have to make sure I always have structure. If you are struggling at school speak out, and get support – and know that you can do whatever you dream of – you just need to be positive and open to everything going on around you.


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