Wayne Curtis - Customer service assistant

Customer services assistant Wayne brings his high level of customer service to The Nottingham’s branch network and is also busy in our community.

I have been a customer services assistant since April 2019. I have worked at The Nottingham since 2014 and previously been a customer reviewer and customer services consultant in branch – so those roles specialise in a particular product and the financial review process. I enjoy helping members and promoting the great range of services The Nottingham provides knowing that I have made a difference for them. I also enjoy working as part of a great team in branch.

The start of the day consists of setting up the branch which means checking we have the right equipment and our leaflets are well-stocked and the branch is clean and tidy. Just before we open the doors to members, we have a team meeting - this can be discussing the previous day’s activities, priorities and appointments booked in for that day, and also any issues that may affect us delivering services, for example, planned I.T work. 

A typical day consists of serving members on a till processing deposits, withdrawals and promoting the numerous member benefits to customers. We use a ‘reminder’ system to prompt us to contact customers proactively when we have agreed to follow up at a set date too. This could be regarding products like home insurance or a fixed rate savings account (this is an account that has a fixed end date and interest rate) maturing. So we normally have some time allocated during the day to call these customers to invite them in. 

Each member of the team will also have some time during the week for a one-to-one with their line manager to discuss how their week is going, any feedback or performance related conversations. Financial services is a highly regulated industry with lots of rules and standards, so on-going feedback and training is important. 

At the end of the day we close down the tills, ensuring all the cash and transactions logged are balanced and complete any necessary paperwork. We will sometimes have a quick team catch-up to discuss the day and anything outstanding before locking the doors for another day.

Communication and interaction is vital in the role, be it with colleagues, members or third party consultants to ensure that our members get the best service possible. 


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