Colin Hyde - IT project manager

Colin works in the IT and Change team managing projects across the business. He brings a wealth of experience to The Nottingham after a long career in financial services. 

When I was in school I wanted to be a technical drawer – I enjoyed technical drawing, economics and geography. I left school with four O-levels (old style GCSEs) then went to a further education college and did another two O-levels and two A-levels.

I worked from the age of 13 with paper rounds and various Saturday jobs and during summer holidays. At 16 I worked on a building site and then did work experience in Barclays bank - my father knew the branch manager and enquired if I could work there so goes to show how important networking is! I really enjoyed working for the bank and applied via an application form supported by the branch manager. I was interviewed and offered a job with an increase in salary if I was successful in my A-levels. 

My first job was a ‘Junior’ in Barclays - my role was to file away the copy statements the bank held for customers, sending out customer statements, and inputting information into a computer.

I progressed within Barclays by working hard and demonstrating my efficiency and organisation skills. I also undertook my professional qualifications. After eight years I decided I wanted a change and started to look for different roles and secured a role at another bank, which led me into undertaking a business change role which was overseeing projects relating to changes in processes and procedures.

After doing business change for a number of years, I took the role of deputy manager at a brand new cash centre operation with 65 staff. They received cash in from shops, processed it and then prepared good quality notes for ATM machines. My major responsibility was to reconcile all the transactions and make sure the cash equalled what was processed – it totalled millions. 

After seven years I went back into project management, undertaking the role of a financial controls project manager - this role was to ensure we had the correct controls in place for transactions. After a few months the building society I was working for was bought by Barclays. I became involved in integrating the two businesses - with my previous experience working at Barclays was invaluable experience, as I knew how the company operated at a processing level.

After being made redundant I moved location and did contract work for a cash handling company resolving a major cash difference, the company then offered me a full time role as a project manager to look after their property portfolio and IT development. I subsequently moved on to work for Capital One as a project manager and E.ON.

I joined the Nottingham two years ago as an IT project manager and that is where I am today.

Having worked full time for 42 years I have a broad experience in the workplace! I have taken different roles and opportunities where my previous experience has paid dividends.

I have progressed by using my past experience and knowledge to my advantage. In addition to taking my banking professional qualifications I have also qualified as a project manager under two professional organisations and that of a ‘Scrum Master’ (a recognised qualification in getting people working together).

If I were to give advice to someone starting their career now I would suggest enjoy what you do, listen, get professionally qualified, build you network – as although they may not be able to offer you a job they could point you in the right direction and finally, be flexible and enthusiastic - I have faced redundancy a number of times during my career. The best advice I have been given is that there is always life after the company you work for.


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