Sally Mapletoft - Executive PA

Sally joined the society in 2016 and supports the executive team in their day to day role by looking after their diaries, organising meetings and events and helping with administration and preparation for meetings. 

When I was in school, all I wanted to do was leave! I loved the social side but not the education (big mistake) although I knew I wanted to have a career that made me involved with people - what I mean by this is that I am naturally nosy, so I knew I didn’t want to have a job where there was no interaction. I wanted to be either a social worker or probation officer.

I left with three O-levels and four CSEs (old style exams equivalent to GCSEs now). I loved english, religious studies and drama and after leaving school at 16, I worked in a video shop. However, I started my education all over again at the age of 20 after becoming a receptionist. 

I worked for Midland Software (who are still around and The Nottingham uses one of their products!) and it wasn’t long before the chairman promoted me to his PA. Whilst on reception my nosiness was spotted and I became his eyes and ears. I then moved into an office manager role as well as still being his PA on the condition I re-started my education. He sent me to night school, and then college, where, thanks to him I got a degree in business management studies. Since then, the main roles I have had are operations manager for financial crime and anti money laundering and dental practice manager.

I joined The Nottingham in 2016, as an executive PA going back to my roots! I have had a number of demanding roles so as I am close to the ending of my career this is my wind-down role however I still get involved and stuck in with lots of different things going on at The Nottingham. 

The advice I would give to someone starting out now would be not to wait for someone to give you a career - I was lucky - and think about what you are good at, not necessarily what you want to be, but what would give you most satisfaction. We all want to be an astronaut but that’s not real. If you enjoy your job, it sets up your whole life, you will hear people say ‘Do well at school’ and it’s true, grab your education, it’s the greatest gift you will ever be given. If I had made more of an effort at school, I would have been higher on the ladder at 20, instead of starting my journey and that’s a big regret! My one tip is that if you hate Sunday evenings, you shouldn’t be going to that workplace on a Monday morning. 


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