Sharing our skills

Our employees have a unique set of skills, knowledge and experience. Here are some of their skills to help you during your career – getting started and getting going!


Colin Hyde - Mastering a presentation

Read IT project manager Colin's top tips for mastering a presentation for an interview.


Sue Owen-Bailey - Meeting people

Read assistant communication manager Sue's top tips when meeting people for the first time.


Competency interviews

Competency based interviews are one of the most common types of interviews that employers would put you through before offering you a role.


CV writing

Your CV, or curriculum vitae is a one or two page document which showcases your skills, experience and most importantly, what makes you suitable for the job you are applying for.

Telephone and video interviews

Lots of employers nowadays make a telephone or video call interview part of their recruitment process. You will still need to prepare for this in the same way as a traditional interview.

Presentation skills

Presentations are often used as part of a recruitment process to test your knowledge in a particular area, your approach to a task and your skills in delivering information to an audience.

Writing a covering letter

A covering letter, sometimes just called a cover letter, is a written introduction from you to a recruiter that would accompany your CV or application.

A day in the life of

Ever wanted to know what it was like to work at The Nottingham or in financial services? Take a sneak peek at some of our employees and what they do during their day’s work.


Me and my career

Ever wanted to know how our employees got into their roles? Take a look at some of our people and how they got to work here at The Nottingham.