Can I spend my old £1 coins?

Time is running out to spend your old £1 coins

Just a few months ago, around £1.3bn in coins was being stored in savings jars and piggy banks, with the old £1 coin making up almost a third of the total.

Should you switch your mortgage?

Mortgage rates are rising - should I fix now?

The longer you want to fix your rate the higher it will be – but because interest rates are rock-bottom, customers expect that the only way they will move will be up.


Olympic effort for SportsAid Week

We clocked up some of the first official #MyMiles with a little help from an Olympian as part of the charity’s second ‘SportsAid Week’.


Is your work pension going to be enough to retire on?

Getting professional financial advice – and checking over your pension plans with an independent expert – could make a big difference to what you’re due when you retire.


What do you do with multiple pensions?

What do you do with multiple pensions? Here's the best approach for those who move jobs.


Planning and paying for your own funeral

It’s your wishes that should count most at your own send-off. The good news is that you can formalise your wishes, organise and even pay for your funeral while you’re still around.


How long would your savings last if you couldn’t work?

The average worker’s savings would only support them for 32 days, according to a survey which found that only a quarter had enough spare cash set aside to see them through a single week if they stopped earning.


Does everyone have to have a funeral?

In practice, most people do have a funeral. This is because the ceremony itself, along with a loving eulogy, is central to the mourning process and a time when people can comfort each other. A funeral can be an uplifting and warm way to remember their life.


Unravelling the mystery of financial advice

There’s no need to worry about making your money work hard for you: there are experts out there who can help.


Should you be saving for university?

You may want to set aside income yourself for your children's education - and the earlier you can start, the better, as it gives the savings time to grow.

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