Customer panel research

We talk to our panel about a broad range of subjects, from reviewing our literature and mortgage features to a pulse check on complaints and our overall customer service. Collecting these insights is important to us and ultimately helps us shape the way we communicate, the products we offer and the way we do business. Over the course of the year we contact the panel asking for feedback. You can see some past results below.


Being a community-based building society, we are proud to sponsor and partner local companies, charities, businesses, sports teams and events. We wanted to find out what organisations our customers want us to be involved with.

When asked whether it was worthwhile a building society like The Nottingham sponsoring business or charities, an encouraging 78% agreed that it is worthwhile.
                             Charities were a key theme when those surveyed were asked about the types of sponsorship they would like to see the Nottingham involved with.

 Nottingham Building Society past activities   Nottingham Building Society past sponsorship activities 

Source: the Nottingham customer panel. Research carried out April 2013: 88 responses 

Home Insurance

What's most important to a customer when it comes to picking their home insurance policy? We thought the best way to find out was to simply ask them, so we did. We surveyed our panel to get the inside story on what's important and here's what they had to say.

 Graph showing responses to "What made you choose your current home insurance provider?"  

Nottingham Building Society past home insurance activities

  The price of the product was the single biggest factor when those surveyed were asked "What made you choose your current home insurance provider"? 

The reputation of the provider and the features of the product were also important but it was outweighed by price.

Whilst price appeared as the single biggest factor for the recent home insurance policy, reputation played a large part in the buying process. 

81% said that the providers reputation for excellent customer service was something that would make them want to find out more.  

Source: the Nottingham customer panel. Research carried out April 2013: 88 responses
  Past activities reputation 81 percent 

Customer Complaints

At The Nottingham, we take complaints seriously and we use the complaints process to provide feedback about our products and services. Our customers’ perception of how we deal with their complaints is important to us, so we can improve areas of the complaint process.

We asked our panel about how satisfied they were in the way we dealt with their complaint. 55% rated us as good or excellent compared to 33% for other financial service providers. 

                                  Nottingham Building Society past activities 
 Nottingham Building Society past activities   At the end of the survey we asked our panel to compare our customer service against any other financial service providers they use and 58% rated us as better, or much better, than other providers that they currently use.

Source: The Nottingham customer panel. Research carried out February 2013: 109 responses

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