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In 2016 we were very proud to launch our own ‘Money Academy’. The Nottingham has a long and rich history of helping people manage their money. In the late 1800’s our founder Samuel Fox set up the UK’s first adult school to increase the numeracy and literacy of his workers in the lace factories of inner-city Nottingham and he remains a big influence on our work in local communities today. 

We know that managing your money is a key skill no matter what your age and working with Pfeg (part of Young Enterprise), we have designed three modules to increase financial awareness in young people (key stage 2) linked to National Curriculum learning outcomes for 8 and 9 year olds. 

Mandy Sheldon from Matlock has been working with local school All Saints Academy for over a year. She says: “We started working with the school when the branch opened a few years back when they took part in our treasure hunt and open day.

“The feedback from teachers I have spoken to is that they really value the assistance as surprisingly, financial education is not specifically included on the National Curriculum and yet we know it is important that kids are money aware at an early age and build good habits. 

“The Money Academy is a great offering to schools, the kids have really enjoyed it and have been very enthusiastic about us coming to visit. A number of the children already have accounts and visit the branch with their parents too!”

To find out more about Money Academy, visit your local branch.


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