Helping the next generation of entrepreneurs

In 2015, we announced we’d be supporting local schools through the educational charity, Young Enterprise.

We work with schools across the East Midlands to help fund and deliver financial literacy and employability skills to young people through the charity's flagship 'Company Programme'.  

This year-long programme sees students set up and run a real business for a year under the watchful eye of a ‘Business Adviser’. Over the course of our partnership, almost 1,200 students have directly benefitted from our support.

In 2016 we worked with the charity to develop our own ‘Money Academy’ to teach 7 and 8-year-olds all about saving, spending and earning money.

Chief Executive and Young Enterprise alumni David Marlow acts as judge

We are proud to be supporting Young Enterprise, an organisation that helps young people develop valuable skills for their working life.

As a business we actively seek out ways in which we can help our local charities whether that's through donations or time. This initiative is particularly close to our hearts as not only can we help the next generation of adults grow into financially and business literate adults but it also helps our employees benefit hugely from volunteering their time.

We believe it is a great initiative which a number of us here, including myself, have benefited from back in our school and college days, and continue to benefit from by working with the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Senior Residential Manager Ian Simons took part in area finals in Leicestershire

I decided to volunteer to help the next generation business leaders but also see that their hard work was being acknowledged. I believe it is important that our generation invest our time in them. It is a big commitment to invest their time in setting up and running their own company so was pleased to help them get the most out of it.

It was completely different to the day job but incredibly motivating to see the enthusiasm of all the participants in their projects, seeing their passion and belief in what they were doing. It was refreshing!

The best advice I was given growing up is that you control your own destiny, no one else. It is up to you if you want to be successful. The harder you work, the luckier you get.


Customer Adviser Sarah Booth from Bulwell volunteered at Bulwell Academy

The business that the students run are actually real businesses and a lot of the time they can relate to their relevant studies. 

However it is always good to be there to offer practical advice and make them think about the best way to approach problems. It is sometimes hard though letting them work through issues rather than telling them what you know from experience!

It's not just the children who benefit. I have gained confidence from taking part in this scheme. It has allowed me to talk to a range of people I would not meet in my day-to-day job and has allowed me to hone my coaching skills, something that is really important to me as I want to progress my career at The Nottingham.