Rugby player George Martin

To kick off the rugby season, we caught up with rising rugby star George Martin from Loughborough. The 17-year-old  Leicester Tigers academy lock (second row player) made his England U18 debut against Scotland in 2018. 

What is the best and worst thing about your sport?
The best is winning. The worst is getting injured. Some of my teammates have been unlucky and had to miss a number of games.

What are your best achievements this year?
Winning the U18 Academy League with Leicester Tigers and also scoring my first try for England U18.

What does your usual routine look like?
During the week I study at Brooksby Melton College. While I enjoy rugby, I need to work hard to give myself the option to go to university. I have classes four days per week and I also train three days with a match for the College each Wednesday. I also have training with Tigers Academy once or twice a week. My weekends are free, which gives me time to rest and meet up with friends.  

What do you enjoy the most about being a sports person?
Playing in a team and exercising. 

What would you do if you were not a sports person?
I really like music so I'd probably try to be a DJ.

Who is your sporting hero?
Usain Bolt.  He is an amazing athlete but what I really like is that he always seems to be having fun.

Where is your favourite place to compete?
Murrayfield. I made my debut there for England U18 against Scotland, it snowed the whole match but we had a good win so I didn't mind the cold!

If you could win one competition, what would it be and why?
I would like to win the Academy U18 league.To successfully defend our league title would mean we have achieved our goal of developing this year's new academy team members, just as last year's senior playing group developed us when we came into the academy.

What is your favourite thing to do in downtime?
I like to chill out with friends and listen to music.

Have you ever had an injury?
I have been lucky and not really picked up any major injuries. I try to make sure I get enough rest to recover from training and matches. 

Are you good with money?
I think so!

What sort of thing did you spend your SportsAid money on?
The largest amount of spend has been on footwear. I bought new rugby boots, special boots for 4G pitches, new trainers and weightlifting shoes, which were expensive, but have helped me make improvements in the gym as I start to lift heavier weights.

How did you hear about SportsAid?
Initially through the RFU, then I looked on the SportsAid website and was amazed at the athletes who have benefited from the funding. Nottingham Building Society and all of the other sponsors are incredibly important in making a difference to give young people the best opportunity to develop in very competitive sporting environments.

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