Triathlete Caitlin Roper

What is the best and worst thing about your sport?
The best thing about sport is definitely racing as I have been fortunate enough to travel to different countries I'd never been to before, made life long friends from a multiple of countries and just the excitement of racing and putting on my GB Tri-suit.

The worst thing about sport is the training as even when it's cold, dark and wet, I still have to go outside and train. Also, I do four morning swims a week which sees me getting up at 4am and in the pool at 5am for 2 hours.

What is your best achievement this year?
My best achievement this year is retaining my British Elite Triathlon Under 20's Festival Title, a year on, even now I'm bottom of the Junior age group.

What does your normal day and week look like?
AM - 2 Hour Swim
PM - 40 Minute Temp Run (Lower Limb Conditioning) - Weight Session
AM - Free
PM - Run Session (Lower Limb Conditioning)
AM - Free
PM - 1.5 Hour Watt Bike Session (Glute Exercises)
AM - 2 Hour Swim
PM - 3/4 Hour Long Cycle (Glute Exercises)
AM - 2 Hour Swim
PM - 30 Minute Rollers (Glute Exercises)
AM - 2 Hour Swim
PM - Run Session (Lower Limb Conditioning)
AM - 1 Hour Long Run (Lower Limb Conditioning)
PM - Core Session

What do you enjoy most about being a sports person?
I enjoy seeing how hard and far I can push myself, sometimes surprising myself.

Who is your sporting hero?
Victoria Pendleton.

Where is your favourite place to compete?
Hyde Park in London.

If you could win one competition what would it be and why?
The Elite Junior European Championships as I've raced in Elite Junior European Cup Races so it's the next step in my sporting career.

What is your favourite thing to do when you have some down-time?
Walk my dog.

Have you ever had an injury?
No, *touch wood* I have never been injured.

What are your targets for the next 6 months?
To qualify for the Elite Junior European Championships.

How does your SportsAid grant and support from The Nottingham help you? What sort of things do you pay for?
It helps hugely, buying my equipment and paying for training camps.

Quick fire;

Spender or Saver? Spender

Robin or The Sheriff? Robin

Sweet or Savoury Treats? Savoury Treats


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