Freestyle skier Justin Tipton-Taylor

We get to know a little about free-style skier Justin Tipton-Taylor who has an Olympic title in his sights.  

What is the best and worst thing about your sport? 
The best is the adrenaline when skiing, the thrill of doing tricks off big jumps and the worst thing is the pain when you get hurt.

What is your best achievement this year? 
I think my best achievement this year was being invited to go and train with Team GB in Stubai, Austria in May 2016 and also landing my first ever double cork 1080 on my first attempt off the Pro Line while I was in Laax, Switzerland March 2016.

What does your normal day and week look like? 
If I am at home then it is going to school, chilling for a bit before going training at Flipout Stoke on Trent on a Tuesday night, skiing at Stoke on Trent on a Wednesday night and Hemel on a Friday night for training at The Snow Centre (I go once or twice a month) as I am sponsored by them. I am doing GCSE PE at school so I have a lot of sport and exercise in my week. I spend time at nights when I am not training watching freestyle videos looking for extra inspiration.

What do you enjoy most about being a sports person?
Going to different countries to train, meeting a wide range of awesome people and skiers, just doing the sport, the community, the experiences.

Who is your sporting hero? 
Tom Wallisch (American skier), Henrik Harlaut (Swedish skier), Woodsy (James Woods, British skier).

Where is your favourite place to compete?
Laax, Switzerland so far.

If you could win one competition what would it be and why? 
Olympics Slopestyle, to represent my country.

What is your favourite thing to do when you have some down-time? 
Watch movies, skateboard or climb.

What is the worst injury you have had?  
Concussion which is fairly common in the sport.

What are your targets for the next six months? 
School (I take my GCSE's this year), training, competing in Europa Cups and gaining some FIS (Federation International de Ski) points.

How does your SportsAid grant and support from The Nottingham help you?
My Sportsaid grant and The Nottingham enabled me to cover the costs of going away training with Team GB for nearly 2 weeks at Stubai, it was an amazing experience and so much fun skiing and training with the team. The grant helped to cover my flights, accommodation and lift passes.

Spender or saver? Both                                                                             
Robin or The Sheriff? Robin      
Sweet or savoury treats? Sweet      

You can vote for Justin in the Fall Line Ski magazine awards for ‘Best up and coming skier 2016-17’.


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