SportsAid Week

We’re delighted to be getting behind #SportsAidWeek 

Pop into your branch to find out what we have planned, or organise your own fundraising fun. There are lots of ways to get involved but if you are stuck for ideas, take a look at some of ours. 

A – Auction something! A training session with you or maybe a piece of memorabilia? 
B – Book sale - hold a book sale at your sports club 
– Cake sale - get busy in the kitchen and make some tasty flapjacks for cash!  
D – Demo your sport and collect coppers in your local community 
E – Something energetic - get your friends and family involved in sponsoring you for something energetic! 
F – Fancy dress - ask your friends and family to join you in a sporty dress down for a day 
G – Guess the miles - ask your friends and family to guess how many miles you travel for a week or month and charge them to take part in a sweepstake
H - House hold sale - sell off your unwanted items and donate the profit to SportsAid! 
I – It’s a knockout - ask your local boxing club if they can donate to the charity or offer a free sparring session for you to raffle off 
J – Long jump contest - challenge your sports club, friends and family to a competition which they pay to enter 
K – Knobbly knee contest - guess who’s are who’s in a knobbly knee gallery at your sports club... get the coaches involved too! 
L – Live like an athlete – ask your friends and family to ‘live like an athlete’ in return for sponsorship 
M – #MyMiles challenge – initiate a mileage challenge or collect a mile of pennies 
N – Name the teddy – the winner gets to take home a new furry friend! 
O - Office collection – pop into your local branch or ask your friends and family to have an office whip-around in their workplace 
P – Play offs evening – hold a tournament in your sport or even on a games console and charge for entry 
Q – Quizzes - hold a sports quiz 
R – Hold a raffle – ask local businesses and supporters to donate prizes... don’t forget you can also raffle off a training session with you and your team or club! 
S – Strawberries and Cream – cash in on Wimbledon with a strawberry sale
T - Time to shine – set up a shoe shine service (or trainer cleaning?) 
U – Unwanted gifts – ask your friends and family to donate and hold a table top sale or tombola 
V – Visit – organise a visit to your local club for a sports demo and charge for entry 
W – Walk it! Organise a sponsored walk, ghost walk or places of local interest walk to encourage your community to get fit and raise pennies 
X – ‘X’ marks the spot! Hold a ‘spot the ball’ competition 
Y – Yo-Yo Olympics – ask your friends to get into training for the ultimate fun sport and hold a competition to show off those new tricks 
Z – Zumbathon! Ask your local community centre to get in on the spirit of the last Olympics in Rio and hold a zumbathon 

Don’t forget to shout about it using your fundraising toolkit


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