Nottingham Knights Youth FC

After turning around a struggling children’s football team Jason Giblett has become our fourth Unsung Football Hero. 

Jason, of Nuthall in Nottingham, is a manager and coach of Nottingham Knights Youth FC under 7s and under 8s.

Today it is a successful club that has achieved a 200% growth and has a waiting list of young players – but 18 months ago it was a different story when the previous coaches left for personal reasons.

It was at this point that Jason moved from being a dad on the sidelines to become the Manager and Coach along with two other parents. Jason officially qualified as a coach with the Football Association and the team was re-branded as Nottingham Knights Youth FC.

We went to present Jason with his signed Nottingham Forest football and ask him a few questions.

Name: Jason Giblett

Age: 45 

Club: Nottingham Knights Youth FC

Q: How did you get involved with football?
Jason: I’ve loved sport from a very young age, particularly football. I am originally from New Zealand and used to play football to a very high standard when I was younger. I even tried out to play for my country at a national level, but unfortunately I wasn’t successful. I then had to choose a career over pursuing football, as there wasn’t professional football in New Zealand when I was younger.

Q: What was your biggest challenge?
Jason: Establishing a club is challenging in its own right but finding a home ground/facility was probably the most challenging. Moving to the Temple Centre in Nuthall gave us a huge boost as a club and we continue to develop our identity in the community. 

Q: What has been your proudest moment?
Jason: Looking back at my personal journey with the club, I have many moments to be proud of, from formally establishing the club, gaining my FA coaching qualifications, being accepted as a new club in the Young Elizabethan League – all proud moments. However, as a Coach one of the proudest moments was May 2015 where we entered the Woodhouse Colts Tournament with no expectations or league experience and we made it through to the final. Unfortunately we lost 1 nil in the final minute but it was a proud moment topped off by one of our youngest players being awarded U7s player of the tournament.

Q: Are you a Nottingham Forest fan?
Jason: Yes, I’m a season ticket holder! My wife and I take it in turn to take one of our two sons. They’re always so keen to go as they’re massive fans too.

Q: Will you be taking your family to the Nottingham Building Society Box?
Jason: I will probably take the two other dads who run the club with me, as they give so much of their time too.  And, of course I will take my wife. I think I’ll have to call the boys’ grandparents up for a spot of babysitting that day.

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