Cotgrave Colts u8s

Lee has been playing for Cotgrave Colts since he was ten years old when the club first formed in 1991. As well as playing for the club for 25 years, Lee has been coaching an under 8s team for the last two seasons after helping out with the soccer schools for under 6s. Although the results aren’t always on their side, Lee encourages his two teams to have fun whenever they play. No task is too big or small for Lee, as he helps set up and maintain the pitches, raises money for the club and referees for other teams when he can. Well done Lee!

Name: Lee Cyrek

Age: 35

Team: Cotgrave Colts u8s

Q: How did you get involved in coaching?
Lee: Through my son, who started in the soccer school, and is now in my under 8s team. I came down to watch and ended up helping out a fair bit. I was asked if I could continue coaching that age group. Obviously with my son being in the team and my interest in football it’s natural that I wanted to help out. I’ve been coaching them for two seasons now and I’d like to coach them until they’re adults, it will be fun to watch them grow.

Q: What do you do to keep the kids motivated if they don’t win?
Lee: They generally just have fun anyway. They look forward to the oranges and bananas at half time and come running off for them. It’s a challenge getting fruit into them. You get the odd wobbly, but generally they have fun.

Q: Do your family get involved in football?
Lee: My brother used to play football. My mum does the snack bar with Danielle on a Saturday. My other half provides a lot of moral support and listens to all my ideas with training, which is really helpful.

Q: How much time do you put into training?
Lee: Thursdays is from 6-7pm, but I tend to get there half an hour earlier. On a match day I’m down at half eight setting everything up. I’d say I could possibly spend up to 20 hours a week on my team. I didn’t realise how much hard work goes into it until I started coaching myself. I’d look at the manager for my team and think that he would just turn up, but he puts so much into it such as meetings, emails and all sorts. It’s given me a new found respect for the coaches. It opens your eyes a lot.

Q: What has been your proudest moment with your team?
Lee:  We went to Filey last year and that was a good trip away. We were probably one of the weakest teams there, but we were awarded the fair play award. It was nice as there were a lot of teams from all over the place. To win the fair play award was a good achievement.


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