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Meet Scott Mitchell, our eighth unsung football hero. Scott was nominated by Gemma Gosling and her son Aaron, who plays in goal in Scott’s U12s team at RHP Lions. Aaron told us that Scott is “a fun coach and a good friend. He always fills us with confidence, which I lack as I have disabilities”. Scott took on eight children who otherwise may not have been interested in football and helped them develop their love for the game. He always treats his team with respect and fairness, and tries to give each of the team members an equal chance on a match day. Well done Scott - your award is truly deserved. 

Here’s a little more about Scott and his experience of coaching RHP Lions U12s.

Name: Scott Mitchell

Age: 37

Club: RHP Lions U12s

Q: How did you get involved in coaching?
Scott: Through my little lad, who is now 12 years old. He started playing football aged five, and within a year the manager of his team stepped down so I decided to start coaching his team. I used to coach one of the other teams for RHP Lions, and I considered stepping down so that I could spend more time with my son and watch him play more, but then I had the opportunity to coach my son’s team. 

Q: What’s your biggest personal achievement with the club?
Scott: Taking on eight kids who have never played as it was a big challenge. I wanted to make sure all the kids enjoyed themselves. It was challenging to keep the kids interested, especially because in some games they were beaten 15-0. I put a lot of effort in to keep them happy at the end of a match and make sure they came back to training the next week. That was a big challenge. 

I want to make sure that all the kids are enjoying themselves and have equal game time and practice - I never want to leave a kid sitting on the side watching the match and not playing much. 

Q: Who are you taking to the executive box?
Scott: I will take my little lad, my nephew because he is a massive Forest fan and probably one of his friends. I’m a Manchester United fan, but I like Forest because they’re my local team and loads of my friends support them, so I go to plenty of the matches.

Scott mitchell photo

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